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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by shemulie, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Was wondering what sort of career structure Int Corps officers have, what are the positions and details of the job. opperunities etc...

    As a young LT does one go straight into Int Corps or somewhere else first? What would their role operationally be? How does this change once one reaches Cpt?

    Aside from Humint are there other oppertunities to be involved out on the ground or is it a lot of running from tent to tent with maps and reports?
  2. Have a look on the sticky threads above. It'l have all the answers.
    How you managed to spell "opportunity" in 2 different ways is also beyond me.

    Have you considered a career in the Intellimigence Corps?
  3. or just join a Really Large Corps....innit
  4. That's the best bit. Everything else is something of an anticlimax.
  5. Maybe in your day old-timer. Now we purposefully strut!
  6. it's Swagger man, Swagger!
  7. 3am typo! Glad it's affording some people's ego's a source of trivial amusement!
  8. No amusement I'm afraid. I'm genuinely gutted that you want to be an officer and you can't even spell a simple word like opportunity.

    Do you think you should be joining the corps with spelling like that? I've taught Downs kids under the age of 12 who can spell better than you! Hows that for trivial amusement?
  9. :applaud:
  10. Need I explain a typo?

    Do you have nothing more constructive to do than bait people on arrse over petty mistakes? What a disgruntled old wench you must be.

    My mistake for not scrutinizing my typing! Makes sense a crap post rewards a **** response.

    But whatever man, crack on!
  11. Fight, Fight! Get the jelly ready!!
  12. Its true, we can all make mong spelling mistakes, espeshully at 0300.

    However, it is pretty stupid to start a mong thread about recruitment because there are a couple of "sticky" threads above which explain in nice, slow language how the process works.

    But if that wasn't enough, you start berating posters for helpfully picking you up on your numbness.

    Your mother has obviously got two cnuts, of which you are clearly one.

    (was that OK Scorptin?)
  13. That's probably the most informative thing that you have posted on this site. Why don't you stick to being in 4 Para and keep asking bone questions on other parts of the site...what, what. You have all the makings of being a fine HUMINTER, what with that ability to raise hackles at 30 paces.
  14. You have a way with words Wench! (Like Amir Khan has with punches) Don't think we will be seeing much more of that mong!
  15. *Ding Ding Ding, Round 3! :thumleft:

    No big deal, but agreed, questions being directed to above mentioned posts.

    Take it on the chin mate. Helpfull??? Sure bro, sure!