In Conflict: Iraq War Veterans Speak Out by Yvonne Latty...


Hi Guys,

Has anyone read this book?

In Conflict: Iraq War Veterans Speak Out on Duty, Loss, and the Fight to Stay Alive

In Conflict takes a rare look at the Iraqi War through the words of those who have fought it. The book features more than two dozen veterans from all military branches, from fighter pilots, nurses, medics, and foot soldiers to prison guards, POWs, and reservists, each accompanied by a compelling photograph. Together they comprise a group portrait of American men and women located all over the country and from all age, race, and socioeconomic groups — men and women whose voices, surprisingly, are rarely heard in the din of discussion on this endlessly analyzed subject. They speak from veterans’ hospitals, homes, army bases, and homeless shelters. While their viewpoints are as diverse as their backgrounds — some supportive, some opposing, some simply confused — In Conflict captures one thing these eloquent commentators share: all have been irrevocably changed by their experience.

My reason for asking is, I`m trying to find books about the US in Iraq in 2005, did any of the `Vets` in this book, serve out there then?



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