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Discussion in 'REME' started by sombrerofrog12, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys ,has anybody any idea where i could get a gizmo that you charge from your fag light socket and then you could plug it in to fag light socket of a car with a flat battery to jump start without jumpleads . Seen one advertised somewhere but am fcuked if i can remember or find it now!!
  2. I know a few people who got them and said that they did not work worth Sh*t. I also have a few friends who have gotten a jumper device about 12"x12"x4" that charges from mains and has fairly short jumperleads (18"?) that they say works very well. I bought one to keep at my place in Florida as usually when I arrive down there the battery on the car I keep there is flat. Just bought it last trip so have not used it yet.

    I beieve the problem with the lighter socket device is that the circuits involved cannot carry enough current and tend to blow fuses.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way the thing I bought cost IIRC US$80. I presume simlar devices are available on your side of the pond with appropriate mains voltage.
  3. Cheers for replies lads, i have found device called "porta jump" on web , all in States ,is that the thingy your mates tried Dave?.Seen the booster pack from halfords but its for wifeys use so prefer not to raise bonnet to use
  4. seconded that is what i was going to suggest, the things that can supposedly jump start the car from the fag lighter are balls, and that includes the solar cell on the dash that plugs into the fag lighter to keep it topped up.

    you have 2 choices... 1) Strong fit misses to push the cart to get her going or the peice of kit from above and remember to keep it charged
  5. Thats the one i have aswell, works a treat.
  6. If she's that incompetent are you sure she should be driving on her own. Or here's a novel thought, teach her some car maintenance so that she can use simple devices like this and not be stuck waiting for some other helpful chap/chapess to come to her rescue.
  7. Sombrerofrog (et al):

    I am not usually this well organized but I found a photocopy of the warranty info on the device I keep in Florida.

    The device is called "DieHard Portable Power 950 Jump-starter/DC and USB Power Source Sears item# 02871987000 Mfr. model# 71987"

    Clearly you would need a different model as the 240 mains in the UK would fry the 120 wiring of the US model. I am not sure if you have Sears (formerly Sears Roebuck) in the UK. Actually, every auto supply company in the US seems to have similar devices. By the way, I actually paid US$89 for the thing not $80.

    The one I have has these specs: "950 cranking amps, 18Ah capacity, 24 inch cables" It can be left charging in the home without damage.

    The only problem I have heard with one of these devices was someone who tried to use it to jump a large fire truck and the current draw was so great the cable melted. I live in Massachusetts, an area noted for its sh*tty winter weather. These devices in varying brands are quite popular what with the cold and all. Good luck. Hope this is helpful.

    As to wife and training, if she can drive a car she can learn to jump one. One day last winter I stopped by a disabled vehicle. The son of a friend was jumping a neighbors car. The boy has Downs syndrome but drives and works at two jobs. If he can do it anyone else should be able to. (note to those worried by this, when he took the drivers test he got all 25 questions right and passed the road test first try, not bad for a Downs kid)
  8. check out Maplins electonics they sell a solar pannel tha sits on your dash and charges all the time costs about £20
  9. Go to any motorbike website, loads of trickle chargers for sale. Keeps the battery v gently topped up, deisgned for this job only so no fire risk. They#ll do the same job on car batteries too. Bit green in that your overall demand is the same as fast charging a portable starter, but no delay. You can fit any kind of socket to the vehicle, no need to leave it insecure for the fag lighter access. Seen caravan tow sockets used for inbound battery charging too. MK
  10. Its now a requirement on a driving test to "pop the bonnet" and name a few things underneath.

    in my opinion if you cant jumpstart a car, ensure the engine has oil, Water, fuel etc - and Change a wheel by the side of the road. you shouldnt be driving! Driving instructors should teach people how to drive and not how to pass a test! - when ever did your driving instructor take you to a petrol station a and teach you to put the right fuel in? - (even essex police force cant get it right!)

    I also have the halfords "dynamic jumpstarter" - it says it will jumpstart diesel engines upto 1.8 - i use it all the time on John Deere 4045`s which are 4.5 litre and it works a treat!
  11. Thanks monkey ,great help.TIT.
  12. About the wife learning to fix things under the hood.

    A few years ago, at the time of HM's 50th Jubilee, there was a TV show here in the US that included footage of young Princess Elizabeth training for the Army during WW II. Footage included changing a tire, firing a pistol etc. If you showed the bride that a Queen can do these things it might inspire her.
  13. As I'm not the only one who has written something in that vein , it would appear the only tit around here is you. Now toddle off and learn how to open your car bonnet. :roll: