In Bruges - Great Film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Wishful_Thinking, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Saw 'In Bruges' at the weekend. Can't rate it enough, it was really good. Brought to us by the Film 4 people.

    Basically the plot is that Colin Farrell and Brian Gleeson are hitmen who have been told to hideout in Bruge for a couple of weeks. Gleeson likes the Medieval city and marvels at its beauty, Farrell is like a spoilt child who thinks it's hell on earth. It isn't long before things get decidedly interesting and go wrong in the most 'laugh-out-loud' manner.

    It has NAAFI humour all the way through, very dark, bloody and hilarious. Completely unpolitically correct that it was refreshing to watch.

    It has blood, romance, violence and a dwarf - what more can you ask for?

    Go watch, you won't regret it. :wink:
  2. I saw it last month and its not that great - wish I'd have waited until it airs on Sky Movies
  3. You forgot to mention the dwarf/hooker scene. Classic!

    If you want a laugh, see this film!
  4. :D


    I particularly liked the cocaine fuelled conversation about the blacks and whites fighting!

    Too many good things to mention on this film.