In Barracks Support (IBS) v RE-Ballancing

Think about this one! REME Re-ballancing: Move personnel from 1st to 2nd line. Fill the gap with the promise of ISTs. Close ABRO sites, Embed ABRO IBS in units (more of this to come), just for mandatory maintenance of course (really)!

End state, privatisation of the Corps at 1st line? Did you see it coming?

Clever people working in high places. :wink: :idea:
Well, apparently you can't get better than a Kwik fit fitter...

Having sat through three remarkably similar briefings in the last month, I'm firmly of the opinion that we're all going to hell in a handcart, the Corps isn't the same as when I joined, these new systems are the final straw that will break the camel's back, we'll all be in the reformed RASC by the next decade, and so on. Oh no, that was ten/twenty/thirty years ago wasn't it?

On a slightly more serious note, the implied risks that are placed on the table with the decimation of ABRO are quite frightening in the long term, and the future lack of in depth repair capability is something that may well bite the Army on the bum.

Never mind, I'm sure that all the new kit we're going to get will be far more reliable and won't require the level of support that is presently the case!
I think it is all b****ks really. Its got to have something to do with beaurocracy (pardon my spelling!!) amonst the chiefs high up because where do the ones that retire from the corps go to - ABRO, MOD contracters. Just a quick phone call to an old chum to set up a contract and "hey presto" another idea that sounds great but s**ts on others. Does this sound familiar?
The pressure exerted on IPTs to deliver Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) solutions for incoming equipments is unbelievable now - considerable justification is needed to justify why CLS is not used and a frown comes over the faces of the scrutineers/IPTLs should there be any suggestion of traditional support, ie REME tradesmen carrying out the work at Levels 1 to 3. I let you what, you don't need the brains of an archbishop to see the steady dilution of REME over the coming years to be replaced by civvy Industry. And if ever one of the larger engineering companies suddenly becomes willing to take the risk and commit to delivering a massive support package for a range of vehicles (all B vehicles ?) then we are in trouble. Mark my words, and it makes me sad, REME's days are numbered - the Corps will shrink as it is needed less and less. I give it 20 years tops.
Ive only been gone 14 years. What is In barrack support? Is that what we used to call an LAD. What do you call FRG now or FRT's


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