In Awe Of A Master

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. went out to lunch with a pal of mine [ late 40's - confirmed bachelor ] who seems to have a different girl on his arm every time I've seen him..He's not movie star handsome and, though a professional, he's not uberrich either, but he seems to get more than his fair share of stunning women..

    well, today, I watched him in action..damn!.. who would have thought this technique would work?

    there we were in a nice pub/diner at the bar waiting for our table, when he spots a very attractive women sipping a glass of wine..He steps over and says:

    " I hope you don't take offence, but I couldn't stop admiring your stunningly beautiful breasts.. Would you mind telling me the name of the doctor who did the work? "

    The woman goes all fluttery and says that they're -um - all natural..

    He replies that she must work out to maintain such a beautiful shape and asks about exercise/training techniques..

    next thing you know he's invited her to our table and she's letting him slip his hand into her top to ' prove' that she's ' unaugmented '..

    I'm watching as he's massaging away and tweaking the dials and she's glazing over as they ' discuss' fitness..

    they left after the salad and guess who got stuck with the bar tab..
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It was'nt MDN by any chance was it?
  3. Oh you mean she was a tart...
  4. I would of soon stopped sipping the wine,He would of found it in his face!!!
  5. nah, MDN would have just taken the wine glass, busted it on the bar and jammed the pointy stem into her eyes, then carried her off to the boot of his car.. still a good move, but a trifle messy for the lunchtime crowd.
  6. Oh he must be a god.
    I wonder how much she charged and was it by the hour.
  7. LOL! :D

    Hey, you would be surprised how effective audacity is on the inebriated... the gal probably was on the last glass from her bottle.
  8. He was clearly a puff......

    I'd have had her slurping the stem under the table, then lumbered her with the bar bill and the dry cleaning bill on my Farah pants if she spilt any of my mess on them.
  9. And he wanted to know the name of the doctor.
  10. Has he got her number.....I'll save up..
  11. Think you might of got conned there Rocketeer, so you ended up paying for all three of you and he slips off. I wonder how many times he's done this in the past, doesnt pay for the meal so has plenty of money to pay for extras.
  12. Damn, IRON!!

    I never thought of that ! The B*stard!.. played me and stiffed me for the bill, yeah...that could be.. wonder how many other ' pals' got taken with the same/similar trick..

    .bloody hell he's good! Doubly in awe of the guy's talents...very smooth...
  13. I've been fooled by trannies like that before - scarred for life!!
  14. Question is did you think fcuk it and fcuk them when the game was up... :p
  15. When my wife gets home she's going to get a thrashing!