in at the deep end

Hi guy's and girls,
My names steven and im new to the site/forum.
I left the Royal Navy in Oct 09 after six and a half years of being a Weapons Engineer.
I have a few question and was wondering if any of you could help me out.
I went to the recruitment center and Thursday to and enlist in the Army but told i was classed as rejoiner and couldnt enlist, i then got a call and was told to come in yesterday with three jobs i would like to do. When i got there i was told to start filling in my re-enlistment paper work so i did and then was told that as i was a rejoiner i could be an AT or not enlist due to the fact im an ex weapons engineer. Ive decided to enlist as an AT but all the info have was the bit provided on the site and that wasnt a lot. Could anyone tell me a little about the training and life as a fully trained Ammo Tech(day to day work, oprational postings and the like). Anything would be helpful.
Many thanks
At the risk of being a boring old sod, READ THE FIRKING THREADS!!!! There are loads about becoming an AT!!

FFS...............mumble..........mumble........bloody matelots...........mumble................grumble.
Thanks for the reply, I have been Reading threads for three days and it's hard to figure out when the piss taking stops and the advise starts. I'm continuing to read and will hopefully get the info I require
Are you joining direct or do you have to go through the AT selection process and pass the AT course?

Once you've passed you'll be posted to the Kineton ammunition depot for 18 months and be employed in the process buildings or in the depot conducting ammunition repair, inspections or prepping stock for shipment.

Your next 18 months will probably be at 11 EOD Regt to move into the EOD and ammunition support role.

Both postings attract tours and you will no doubt end up in Afghanistan in your first 18 months.

(Are you going to be able to cope with all the Army stuff? Drill, cam cream, no man love?)
Have to go through selection. I'm just waiting for a date. The drill and czm cream shouldn't be a problem as all sailors dress as women on weekends so it will be just like putting make up on lol for the no man love... Only time will tell lol.
Thanks for the info, I'm liking the idea of the EOD side of thing.

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