In at the deep end - WANTED

Wanted:  Charming young male/female officer nearing end of service or recently retired for possible employment opportunity.  No degree needed.  Personality:  Outgoing, sociable, strongly independent, risk taker extroadinaire, gambler, business like, non-conformist, cunning.  A believer in the value of e-commerce and the internet.  Strong networking skills.  Willingness to learn.  Job not suitable for leaver with family (due to inherent risks) unless accompanied by substantial means.  Would suit an individual with flair and a desire to go in to business with potentially high rewards, both financially and in terms of experience.  No age restrictions but highly suited to a she/he in mid 20's.

Description:  To assist in all aspects of setting up a software company in UK with potential in intranets and the internet.  Success already achieved in Europe including private/government investment.  Work generated predominantly in London and the home counties.  Applicants must be able to travel between London, Bristol and W Midlands.  To assist in the sales and marketing of the products.  

Risk:  No remuneration as yet but NO personal investment less time and travel required.  Success or otherwise of the project will become apparent by end Jul 02.

Reward:  Part ownership of a company which may, in time, compete with well known internet sites.

Contact details:  send personal message to Katyushka (look through members section in this site).


??? Not quite ready for such a leap, but how's the company doing, and did you find someone..?
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