In Aid of SSAFA and RBL - Chasing the Aurora, Walking West

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ExRAMC_STAB, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Following on from the slightly cryptic post of a week ago, plans are well under way for a trip this winter into the North.

    In aid of SSAFA and RBL I'm going to be travelling from the geomagnetic north pole to the magnetic north pole on foot. This is not, to deal with an accusation levelled at me by my wife, a particularly elaborate way of committing suicide but a genuinely interesting (to me at least) way of spending six weeks in quiet reflection, and raising some serious cash for two very good causes in the meantime.

    This is the first time (that I can find reference to) that it's been done in winter and as resupply flights are to say the least difficult at that time of year (24 hour darkness) I'll be carrying all of my supplies with me. In addition, whilst many trips of this nature seek sponsorship and then take their costs from the sponsorship, this trip is entirely self-funded.

    The current estimate is that the trip will take around six weeks and follow a route similar to:

    1. Fly into Thule AB (courtesy of the USAF) from Baltimore - December 2007
    2. Transport to Qaanaaq (GNP c.40km from Qaanaaq)
    3. Walk Qaanaaq to Smith Sound (frozen sea ice)
    4. Smith Sound to Ellesmere Island
    5. Ellesmere Island to Axel Heiberg Island
    6. Axel Heiberg Island to Amund Ringnes Island
    7. Amund Ringnes Island to Ellef Ringnes Island
    8. Ellef Ringnes Island to MNP (c.30km onto sea ice)
    9. MNP to Lougheed Island (across sea ice)
    10. Lougheed Island to Bathurst Island
    11. Bathurst Island to Resolute Bay
    12. Flight out from Resolute Bay, via Ottawa to UK - January 2008

    There's a justgiving page set up at the moment but I'm going to be amending it to take account of the above route (the initial plan was simply enough Resolute to MNP and back) and also to create a second JG page in support of RBL.

    At the moment I'm arranging corporate support from a couple of large banks, together with coming up with other scientific reasons for doing the trip. When these are in place I'll get these posted here also.

    Edit:JG pages now up!
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So let me get this straight? Its pitch dark, around 40 below without the wind chill, over a frozen sea where polar bears hunt, right? Jesus. And I thought Christmas with the inlaws was bad. Nice one.
  3. That'd be the badger.
  4. Blimey ExStab do that and you can have some of my money, the kids can do without one christmas pressie each, they get far to much anyway...
  5. ExRAMC what colour do you want me to knit your socks in, will 47 pairs be enough??
  6. Thanks but I seem to be single-handedly funding the Thorlo shareholders profits this year!
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So, Polar Bears? They can smell you from three miles out I hear?

    How soon can you see them?

    Assuming they are walking normal. For a Polar Bear. And not creeping up on you?
  8. Bloody hell mate! Will happily put my name to a donation form for something like this.

    Dont forget to take a ton of pics to share with us. The Aurora Borealis is something that has captured my imagination since childhood. Planning a hillwalking trip to the Canadian Yukon to see it for myself :)