In Afghanistan, Businesses Plan Their Own Exits

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Afghanistans private sector (legal and the other one) readys for departure

    I remember right at the beginning when the Talib were a dust cloud heading towards the ISI safe havens in Pakistan, all the hopes of a population delighted to be rid of them were encouraged, by w*nkers like me who really should have known better, to believe that things were really going to change and the West led by the US, would step in and rebuild Afghanistan as they had with Germany and Japan.

    Because that was the obviously smart thing to do when you are engaged in a war of civilisations (or lack of).

    Instead they wandered off because they 'didn't do Nation building' and left the first few crucial years when the whole population was with us, in the hands of the worst elements of the international development industry. In thrall to whatever is fashionable right now using Afghanistan to prove their own pet theories on how societies should look. Roads bad (proven not to aid communities!) electricity generation bad (unless carbon neutral wind or solar), real manufacturing jobs (err what? Like a barista? ), lesbian outreach (good!), human rights advocates ( essential!), internet workshops (Yeah!) rebuilding agriculture (err, you mean like farming? Anyone been on a farm? Let's form some committees to help us with this one) and so on.

    A concerted effort to turn a shattered 12th century society into Vermont in just a few years without the nasty unfashionable hard graft of serious planning, infrastructure and creating real well-paying jobs to bind society together.

    Trying to recapture those lost years has by and large been futile and has compounded the stupendous waste of blood and treasure.

    There have been achievements especially in educating Women but they will be leaving, again the Afghan diaspora will be highly literate and no doubt do well where ever they end up.

    If only AQ had not killed Ahmad Shah Massoud just prior to 9/11 it would have all been so different.

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  2. The same kind of thinking applies here in the west from our leaders. the exception being our lives are not on the line day after day. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and committees.
    Thank you for being so succinct. I suspect we will be seeing somany articles and documentries on how it all went wrong in the next few years but I doubt any will be as to the point.
  3. Well if you'd seen what the Muhj did to Kabul following the Soviet retreat you'd be off on your toes as well.

    Urban Afghanistan has in the past reached quiet high levels of sophistication only to be torn down by the usual enraged mob of bearded hicks. I read a quote recently by a Pakistani businessman, he was skeptical about modernizing the rural Pashtuns, said first you'd need to get them out of the bronze age and into the iron age. It's not very romantic mentally being stuck in something like the knuckle dragging age of Homer. Even the tribes are not cohesive, most feuds are within extended families. There are parallels with the chaos of Somalian clans, that squabbling ethnicity isn't just hostile to foreign occupation it's liable to violently dismantle any Pashtun attempt at creating a nation state. More orderly Muslims, who submit not just to God but to their rulers, call this state Fitna and are right to fear it.
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  4. An, so it's Massoud on those pictures.

    I always thought it was Bob Marley.
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  5. Yes wired to self destruct
    Now for certain areas that is exactly right, but Afghanistan is far from just the Pashtun.