In abit of a pickle, opinion's?

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Hey guys/gal's,

Just needing some advice really, went to my ACIO today to start my application, the computer wasn't working so couldn't but going back tomorrow. Now my problem is my local regiment is 2 Mercians, they seem pretty damn good as-well as a very tight nit family but I have read about The Rifles as-well and I like what I've read. I'm not sure weather to join my local regiment or The Rifles...because with my local regiment I'll be with people from around my area (Nottinghamshire) but then again not really "Exploring" just going with my Local one or meeting new people from different places too me etc

Anybody got any advice? Been in this similar situation? is there any advantages over joining my local over the rifles and vise-versa.



P.S sorry if this is in the wrong place, wasn't too sure but think it is right.
Things you can do:

- talk to anyone you know who's serving as a soldier in either Regt and see what they reckon - there's plenty of them in Notts.

- go back to the ACIO. (Remember you are the customer at this stage) Ask the recruiter for his views. Look at his capbadge because he will favour his opwn Regt. There should be both MERCIAN and RIFLES recruiters in the local offices - speak to both if you can.

- Both Regts offer Look at Life courses called 'Where Eagles Dare' - MERCIAN and 'Chosen Man' - RIFLES. Sign up for a place on one of these; both if you can.
I had a similar situation today, do I have a BLT or a Ham sandwich for lunch. I mean they are both pretty dam good and both have meat in them but I just couldn't choose!

Oh and there wasnt any pickle.
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