...in a worse state than India!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. PAYD?
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  2. Free food scheme to boost attendance kills off attendees.
    Genius only a country with millions of malnourished people and a space programme could come up with.
  3. The TV news said that it was all down to poor hygene. Now who would have expected that?

    Mr Shashi accepted that the food was not checked before it was served. I beg to differ. It was checked by several hundred flies.
  4. "Oh shit we're out of salt Mong sahib!"

    "Never mind, just use that big drum of lethal organo phosphate in the pantry, you know, the one between the overflowing open sewer and the temporary cholera mortuary, that tastes just like salt!"
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  5. "Now the investigators have to find out whether organo-phosphorous was accidental or there was some deliberate mischief."

    Mischief??? That's a bit of an understatement.
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  6. Fixed F.O.C.
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  7. The state realises they are in the frame, why else are they offering compensation?

    If someone was to poison one of my kids, then turn up the next day waving ~ £2230 in my face...well there would be more deaths I can assure you!
  8. Scheme started in the 1920's apparently so it will all be the UKs fault. Where's the 'uman rights lawyers when you need em.

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  9. Where is that Indian fantasist JayC to defend his homeland?
  10. And if they're not poisoning the kids, they're playing India's national sport of Rapeage.
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  11. That other game they play, kabbadi, is when you look at it, just training for cornering a young woman in a sewer!
  12. I'm wondering where our favourite Indian troll is lurking? If you say his name three times....
  13. I wonder if the cooking oil was oil seed rapeage?