In a total flap here

To cut a long story short: Got a grip, applying for regs

With my BARB test coming up tomorrow I just got a phonecall from a friend of mine who's in the process of joining the local TA who had me down as a reference. However she got a phone call from her Staffie saying the reference bounced due to some RMP record I seem to have against my name? Despite being told by members of the Troop that actually I worked hard as a Siggie during my time there he still says I can't be used.

This has got me in a flap though because the only time I've come across the RMP was in basic for skiffing some waster's chinstrap, despite being told it was a total waste of time by the guard Commander, the DS and the two RMP bods that turned up after the little toad didn't get his pound of flesh! Aside from that I've managed to keep my nose clean during the time I spent in the TA however, I'm worried that this may come up during my application and actually prevent me getting into the regulars.

Can anyone shed some light on this as my and if possible provide any contact information so I can try and get this sorted? More importantly, is it likely to have an impact on my application?

Tried my old PSAO and had a flick on ArmyNet (which for some reason I still have an active account??) but all the RMP pages appear to be 'under construction)

Give Service Police Crime Bureau a call on 02392 285170, they hold all the RMP records and reports. They will tell you how you can find out what is "on file" about you. It will probably be a Freedom Of Information request to them, but doint quote me on that. The number is their 24hr ops room so someone there should be able to assist you.

Just got off the phone: the chap said it's marked "Of Interest" however can't say anything more without submitting a request form. Thankfully though he said it shouldn't cause me any trouble in the recruiting process however if it does pop up I should do my best to explain and then submit a request for information. I'm hoping this is simply just a case of sour grapes about upping sticks and transferring, we shall see.

Many thanks King_Chimp


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