In a remote location in Afghan pen friend needed.....

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Right guy's it's 0115 it's hot as fook can't sleep I am up at four for duty all I want is a nice female to write too,
because I am sick off talking to the duty story teller
I've often wondered why the lonely hearts forum exists here. Does it do so for the purposes of :

a) giving a chance for genuinely lonely people looking for saucy letters/used underwear by post/a quick shag/long term flange/serious meaningful relationship/rough ******* action with Jarrod (delete as necessary) to achieve their goal or

b) providing endless amusement for the ARRSE community and a tsunami of piss-taking at the expense of originating posters who are naive enough to think it's a good idea in the first place to post such requests

I know what I'd put my money on. Whoever thought of it in the first place is a cruel ******* genius.
Snail and our favourite dominatrix... do us a favour and help the lad out. I know what it's like on stag with a stiffy and no material in the **** bank except mental pictures of donkeys and birds(?) in Burkkhas...
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And you're on the bog on your own with your lad in one hand and the Arse app in the other.
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