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  1. Can someone explain to me, in simple english, the IMSB concept, i have enquired from a few experienced soldiers and they tell me that, its all about "going back to the old field the wheel..." I am relatively new in the AMS, working as a dental nurse, therefore i dont know what the old system was. I would like to know how it will change the current arrangement in place and perhaps the advantages and disadvantages of it. Will it affect someone like me working in primary health care. Many thanks
  2. As with most things, if you're still in in 15 years or so, you'll be able to look at the latest changes going on around you with a certain deja vu...
  3. It will effect you in the slightest sweetheart. Only the old sweats gobbing off about this 'new system' is infact the old system but with a different name. . .

    Go on some tell us I is wrong . . .
  4. Well, you asked for it. You are wrong.
  5. Brigade Field Ambulance or Divisonal Field Ambulance?