Well, I have just had a brief off my OC about a conference the CO attended at AMD two weeks ago. It was billed as being the future of the AMS for the next 20 years. IMSB was to be explained and everybody was going to be told what lay ahead. It seems that all that happened was that there was an absolutely appalling brief (CO was so embarrassed to be seen at the meeting by DGS, RP and DMA staff and associated with some senior AMS officers briefing technique that all junior Officers and SNCOs have to attend a course on public speaking) and AMD Staff telling him what had not been resolved and what their problems were.

So, what is happening with AMS units? As I understand it the AMS seems to be heading back to medical units supporting Bdes, AKA Fd Ambs although no reference can be made of this. What is happening to Fd Hosps? Are they going to be broken up and become Sqns of Med Regts or will Med Regts be broken up and become Sqns of Fd Hosps?

In addition to telling the AMS what the unit were not going to be doing over the next 10-20 years the audience were also not told what was happening to the home of the Corps. Will it be Keogh, Camberley, or the Midlands?

Apart from the obvious comments what are the AMS senior staff doing about the above?

Vicious Circle was supposed to be “writing a paper” on the subject. Do we hold our breath for this paper or cancel August’s toilet paper delivery?

Any ideas from the floor on any of the above?
Are you really surprised that the state of affairs within the AMS is still this bad :roll:

For the past 20 odd years, I have witnessed them stumbling blindly from one crisis to the next, with no coherent plan for the next 10 minutes, let alone 10 years 8O

I hate to be the harbringer of doom, but there are plenty more on the crisis front which are about to blow up in their faces and the sad thing is they have been told about it but choose to do nothing :? :(
The only thing the Medical regiments have managed to accomplish is to distance themselves further from the battlegroups they are to support on deployments. At least the Fd Amb was an able asset that deployed on Brigade excercises and were incorperated into battle planning that in turn allowed the commanders at Role 1 and 2 to have a better idea on how best the battlegroup they were with could be supported. Commanders at role 1 and role 2 today have little or no battle awareness. First hand experience of the tactics, battle space and the formation shake outs that are employed by the specific battlegroup to which they are a part of is the key to successful medical support. Send a fresh new LCpl commanding a 432 Amb into collect a casualty for the first time while Challenger 2 and Warrior callsigns are closing with and engaging the enemy in a built up figure it out.

A return of the Fd Amb would be welcomed by most I'm sure. Cost cutting on grand scale produces extra work for those who are left and as Dui Lai quite rightly put it, the Corps has been stumbling from one crisis to the next for the last so many years employing the quick fix without considering the longer term factors involved in saving life and preventative medicine in front line roles, which after all is the bread and butter of the RAMC.

Too much lip service with selective hearing defficiency syndrome at upper echelons results in a f**k about factor of 10+ for those below in the know.

I hear all too often that "troops need to be flexible in these times of change"

This is no nag but I put it to you that: "The flexibility of any soldier can be measured by the ability of their commander to make the correct decision the first time around"

Q. What has changed?

A. Nothing!

E. Soldier 'X' gets wounded = Med asset tasked = Triage + Collection from point of wounding = Evac to Role 1 + Treatment and packaging = Evac to Role 2 + Treatment and packaging = Evac to Role 3 etc etc yada yada yada

Perhaps a basic appraisal of the above equation and a back to basics approach to the Corps doing its business so it can be done well. The buck stops somewhere and its not at the feet of the troops on the ground trying to make the best of a poor situation brought about by the "posturing" and "I'm in charge now" attitude of those who should listen to what is coming up the chain of command.

Long Term???? who knows....... lets wait for the next installment of change
As we all know, the centralisation of military assets into large regiments was a cost-saving measure driven by Options for Change. Fewer small units = fewer barracks, fewer admin staff, 'streamlined' C2, etc. It happened across a number of Corps and we lost independant Sqns that supported respective Bdes in favour of Regts that were Div/Corps assets, but became more remote from the individual formations they were required to support.

The restructure allowed CO's to flex their (lack of) manpower and (lack of) eqpt to force package in support of ops and ex. This resulted in the same faces and dets being moved around between sqns in support of the latest Op/Ex that the Regt needed to support.

Moving back to Sqn size units in direct sp of Bdes is clearly the way to go. SOIs can be embedded and good working relations can be fostered with the Bde staff/units. It will increase the number of postings available to our soldiers (assuming the sqns relocate alongside their Bdes) and will give Sqn Commanders greater autonomy and responsibility.

Sadly, I will bet my girlfriends ass (and that is a 'large' wager) that any restructure will be required to be achieved within the manpower bill we have inherited from Options. ie: go back to what we did before but with less manpower. Excellent.
cant agree with more mountain_boy and skid. im not long from a CS med sqn that had not moved from its field ambulance home and we where more intergrated into the brigade than the med stated there are core c2 and tactic awareness that have been lost over the years when dealng with warrior/challenger2 BGs.i feel the CS sqns need to go back to the intimate support of the brigades and battle groups they support. but what of the GS cadre? i feel they should pretty much stay as they are with the 2 regiments supporting the log bde as its pretty much PHC and BLM for the rear echelon areas. as for field hospitals if i remember rightly 33 and 34 where formed cos of the draw down of the BMHs and response to the pxr if you like after op granby. that said ive heard two completely contrasting veiws as too the FAS of the AMS field units this week alone! one involving "med groups"(fd hosp+med regt) and that 2 new med regts be formed from 2 of the existing fd hosps. what ever happens i sure it will be all change in 5-10 years time! but im sure one bun fight will be if were back to field ambulance style units,what happens to the regimental top corridor? answers on a post card please!

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