Imran Khan wants UK Aid cut to Pakistan - SERIOUSLY NO JOKE

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Imran Khan calls for Britain to cut aid to Pakistan

    I thought i would never see the day that a Pakistani would ever say such a honest statement . Will Cameron the taleban reject listen Eh Nope ...!!!

    The bastard cuts our military that much so , so he could fund that taleban regime if that ain't treason I don't know what is

    Pakistani opposition politician Imran Khan has urged the UK to cut aid to his country, saying it fuels corruption.

    The former cricketer told BBC Radio 4 that Pakistan was more poverty-stricken than ever but little international aid money reached its intended target.

    The UK plans to increase its annual aid from £140m to £350m over the next few years.

    But Mr Khan said: "If we don't have aid we will be forced to make reforms and stand on our own feet."

    Aid 'a curse'
    Mr Khan, leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party, said aid money propped up corrupt governments and that reforms were what would save Pakistan.

    "Unfortunately, aid has been a curse for Pakistan. Total aid is about $20bn (£13bn). This $20bn is not helping the people of Pakistan," Mr Khan said.

    The Department for International Development has linked aid increases to Islamabad's progress on reform.

    Last week, Mr Khan told the BBC that Pakistan should also not accept aid from the US. He said the US should trust Pakistan to find a solution to the terrorism situation on its own.

    He earlier said the "unwinnable war" in the region would never be settled militarily and that the answer lay in "political settlement".
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  2. "saying it fuels corruption"

    To present Gov, but of course when Herr Khan is in Power the flow may resume.

  3. I'd say after making statements like that good old Imran might be playing cards with Elvis soon...
  4. True

    Might just have to take a Dead Khan for the taleban reject to listen
  5. No doubt at all.
  6. If it's AID they want, we should give them HIV.
  7. Actually I disagree with you lot. He is about the only politician coming out of this permanently failed state with policies that do not assume that the generals/ ISI are calling the shots but that there should be proper elections, accountability and an independent judiciary. Further his proposed policies do not use 60% of the country's GDP to prepare for Indian attacks across the plains of Punjab and the Siachen Glacier.

    I very much doubt that anything will happen to him (none of this is new), but equally his campaign will never gain traction beyond a few ten thousand staunch supporters in his native Lahore. I have a degree for admiration for him, he could just have a good live in the UAE or the UK but decided to stay in Pak despite of it all.

    Lastly corruption is part and parcel of the subcontinent, always has been and likely always will be. It is the policies beyond that matter and donor countries such as the UK should attach very tight conditions to any aid given, if any is indeed given. Flood relief e.g. Should be channeled through UK or trustworthy local NGO's (such as the Edhi or Citizens fountain) and NOT given to Mr 20% and his slush funds.
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  8. Easy for him to say;

    Imran Khan Niazi is a retired Pakistani cricketer, with a net worth of $50 million. Imran Khan has built his net worth by playing international cricket for 20 years, as a politician, philanthropist and cricket commentator
  9. Why are we giving out aid anyway?

    Cut the lot, and aid in our own country. We'll give some to Nepal, and ensure the rest goes to modernising transport, sorting out defence properly (not half arrsed) and other key requirements.

    And the Eurozone can p1ss off too, we've spent years saying 'non' to that basket case and now it appears we will pay for it anyway.
  10. Imran is also a KHAN, a local of influence.

    And yes Choco one Why are we giving away so much.
  11. No relevance today, you should meet some of the Khan's I know... :)

    It's just a name, but the man is still a cricket legend a very pleasant person actually.
  12. Considering we borrow £136bn a year, giving away £8bn a year is nuts.

    It's like borrowing £20k from the bank and giving £1000 to the first Big Issue seller you see.
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  13. **** em! Let em rot, the whole sorry bunch. Pakistan, India, every other backwater shit hole that was once a part of the Empire. We got shot of them all years ago, yet we are still paying for the bastards. Those twats spend billions of pounds a year on weapons, and nukes, and living in absolute luxury while their own people are starving to death and dying of preventable diseases. TELL THEM ALL TO GET****ed AND SORT OUT THEIR OWN AFFAIRS!!!
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  14. Name Dropping Walt!
  15. Agreed. His diction is superb.