Imran Khan sets 30 days deadline over US drone strikes

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Rayc, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    There was this road blockage this Saturday and Sunday and it elicited a huge response.

    If one visits the Pakistani websites, one would fathom the anger the common Pakistanis have for their Government. They accuse their Govt of being 'sold out' to the western powers and are also quite peeved that the US, at will, can undertake Drone attacks and they feel that the US is running their country instead of their elected Govt.

    Of course, they forget that that the same Taliban which the US is trying to eliminate is the source of all the suicide bombings within Pakistan, which eating into the innards of Pakistan and that but for the US shoring them up, they would be a bread basket case.

    Interestingly, their Minister of State for Foreign Affairs is in Saudi Arabia requesting the Saudis for monies so that it can salvage Pakistan's National Budget.

    In short, events indicate that Pakistan is a mess, financially, militarily, politically as also in maintaining internal law and order.

    Now, if Imran Khan (who is seen in Pakistan as the new messiah) is successful in ensuring a total block of the NATO supply lines and can maintain it so, and march to Islamabad, how with the ISAF manage the operations?

    Imran Khan is the flamboyant Pakistani cricketer and now the leader of a Pakistani political party.

    He recently had a tête a tête with Musharraf, said to have been organised by the ISI.

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  2. Very interesting development - am I right in thinking that Pakistan is plaing US off against Chinese influence?

    I am amazed that 'we' have got away with these drone attacks and the collateral damage for so long. Whoever we manage to kill deliberately will soon be replaced by the recruits we are generating for the enemy forces.

    Dooh! It's that pissing in the wind problem again.