Improving your eyesight...


I have an astigmatism in my left eye and was too lazy to wear glasses so I tried to improve my vision naturally, to my suprise it is possible.

There are many excersices for improving your eyesight... one of those is actually practising with snellen eye charts (the standard ones used by most opticians).

I am hosting one so anyone that wishes to practise using an interactive one. It also provides random characters, so no you cant cheat or memorise them ;)

Stand 6 metres away from the screen and practise... The eye muscles will become stronger with practise, hence your focus will improve.

Eyesight Standards
The standard personal weapon is the SA80 and this requires vision in the right eye to be correctable to no less than 6/9. Vision in the left eye must be correctable to no less than 6/36. Spectacle correction must be no greater than -7diopters or +8 in any meridian.

Certain types of surgery or laser treatment to correct visual defects are unacceptable and clarification should be sought prior to application.

The standards required by the Army Air Corps are higher than for other branches: applicants should check current standards with the Army Air Corps.
good luck.

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