Improving upper body strength

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bibo_boy, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. I've always had good cardio and lwr body strength...

    i.e. BPFA run in the 9 mins, sit ups in the 50-60's....

    Tabs never been an issue...


    My press-ups are poo!!!!

    I can do around 40 in the 2 mins but that is the max I can manage...

    Is the best way to improve to just try a couple more everyday?
  2. No. Without turning yourself into a gym fiend, you should try to incorporate upper-body work into your fitness programme. Try doing two gym circuits each week in lieu of two runs, or alternatively do some swimming which is a tremendous upper body conditioner.
  3. Carry a heavier handbag! :wink:

    But seriously, you might want to invest in some free weights, and a chinning bar. Alternate your normal press-ups with hand-clap press-ups, where you push yourself up off of the ground, and clap your hands quickly between reps.
    This will also develop your punch speed and power.
  4. Cheers Sleeper... I'll ask the mrs if I can borrow hers....

    Oh, and I'll give the claps a go too!
  5. Get yourself some 2Kg dumbells and carry them (in your hands) when you run - double the exercise in the same time. It's hard but it works.

    I wish I'd thought of this forty years ago when I was in the same state as you.
  6. I'm the other way round, not so bad on upper bod strength, but running am absolutely terrible, I just get worn out sooo bloomin quick :(
  7. Not everyone is a natural running machine, but if you stick with it, try adjusting your pace, and focus on your breathing, it will get easier. I have been very lucky in having a mentor with a serious martial arts background. Apart from the obvious "Jap-slapping" techniques, he taught me to breath correctly, and introduced me to various mental disciplines that help to overcome pain and fatigue. I would strongly recommend taking up Karate, Judo or something similiar, but shop around, and dont fall for the glamour of the more esoteric forms. (Ninjutsu!!! FFS :roll: )
  8. Well funny u should say that because I actually go to Wing Chun Kung Fu 3 - 4 times a week haha, but I am still just not born to be a runner, which is a bit of a worry as I have my test at the RSC in about 3 weeks time.....eek, for some reason I can run better at night than the morning aswell which is very strange, but at themoment it's panic time because I just cannot improve stamina wise and have no idea why :(
  9. Pah! I did judo & all I got was dislocated knees! I didn't find crutches & leg splints improved my running style or ability... :roll: :evil:
  10. The best exercise for press ups is in fact press ups. Shocking but true.
    Get three chairs, put your feet on one, each hand on one and do press ups - you can dip lower and improve your strength. Do it for a month or so, twice a day, and if you can do 40 of those you should be able to do 60 normal ones when you take your test.
  11. What happens if you've got big boobs and it's 3 times as hard, if I attempted that I'd end up stuck in between 3 chairs just hangin there stuck lol 8O
  12. That's easy to answer. Just get me to lie underneath and if you get stuck I'll put my hands on them and move them out of the way.

    No, no, don't thank me, it's the least I can do....
  13. Lolololol hahahaha, so kind, cheers matey I'll remember that for next time I attempt to do the old press ups :D
  14. I really hope your female....

    If not, sorry! :roll:

    BTW, where in Essex you from?