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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by simmer, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Very serious question here. If there were 10 things that could be improved about getting hold of kit (uniform) from the RQMS, what would they be in your humble opinion and what are your top 5 issues with the current service?
  2. wah or not? :p

    1. Get it out of their damned heads that kit is there to be used (i.e. issued) and not just stored.
    2. Get their records sorted out! (I was refused kit for my first tour of telic due to their records saying I'd been issued 2 complete sets of telic winter tour kit already forcing me to srounge around my mates for any spare kit)
    3. Get rid of clothing stores bods who have a mahoosive chip on their shoulder and treat people below them rankwise like shite (the bod at my unit is a full screw )
    4. Get bods in who admit they make mistakes from time to time and would actually do their job properly (ref point nos. 2 and 3)
    5. Get the bod in the clothing store to actually open up at the times set (stock checks are not required all the time. And there's only so much stock to be checked).
    6. How's about having the RQMS who will actually investigate complaints against their clothing store bod?
    7. An RQMS who doesn't have that "short mans complex" about him :p
    8. Lucy pinder clones for the RQMS posts and sophie howard clones for the clothing stores bods :wink: that's 8 and most of them were against the clothing storeman. And 2 weren't really that serious (I'll leave it to you to decide which ones!)
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Rename the 'Stores' to 'Supplies'

  4. So if you could order kit direct from the source and packaged in a little box with your name rank and serial number on it for you to pick up, or beter still, to be delivered to an address of your choice (instead of having to join the happy band of smiling faces in a neat line waiting to be told to sod off), what do you see as the main benefits for todays humble fighting man?
  5. nice, but then where the f**k do we get buckshee kit from then eh? :D
  6. If I told you why I was aksing I may have to shoot myself. Its a really really really serious question. I can smell change in the air about how kit is issued and I am looking for some serious coment and input as it may be of benefit to the (collective) you................ honest gov. trust me.
  7. Sorry mate. missed answering the question - you would use your initiative. Creativity is the lifeblood of the british army.....................
  8. Wasn't this idea on Armynet a few months back? I can't remember who it was, but there were a few units trialling the system.
  9. Clever lad! Intelligence by any chance? Just after a view. on a slightly different note as I'm wathcing the news. Condolina Rice or Obamas Mrs?
  10. 3000 blokes using the trial system so I believe. Don't know what units were trialling it. Just after a view re top ten and top 5 (see first post)
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Check for how it shouldn't be done.

    Stop giving an important post to mongs. The seniors need to keep on top of him and keep him in line, remind him of his job.

    I think the Stores should operate like a shop. You want something extra? Fine. Get billed the percentage for it and it's yours. If I want six sets of combat 95's, fine. I should be able to order the extras and just pay the percent.
    Still have to account for it mind, or else I get charged a higher rate to replace it, so as to avoid people doing a reseller trade.
  12. Its a frame of mind thing from the top down.

    When I was the RQ (95-97) as far as I was concerned any bloke could have kit above the standard scale provided it was justified and we accounted for it correctly, the scale being in Mat Regs as a general guide. Its up to the QM/RQ to interpret the rules and adjust according to the individual unit situation where necessary.

    Some gucci DPM Goretex waterproofs arrived by mistake(Our Regt were not entitled). There was just enough to equip Recce Troop and I reckoned they would be put to good use, so we took the goretex to account and issued it to Recce Troop (The surprise on their faces was unbelieveable). A justifiable action under Mat Regs but how many QMs departments would have returned them through the system or kitted out the QMs department first?

    The CO came into the clothing store one day and asked the clothing storeman if he could have an extra combat jacket. The clothing storeman replied "Yes sir but you must sign for it of course" CO smiled and happily signed, everyone happy and proper accounting procedures were seen to be done. The few troopers in the queue behind the CO were happy too because they saw that the rules were being equally applied.

    In my view there are no really bad RQMS or SQMS but there are good and great RQMS/SQMS. The good RQMS/SQMS gets the right rations, fuel, ammo, clothing, spares etc to the right place at the right time in the right quantity as per the job description. The Great RQMS/SQMS does that bit extra to make life better for his people without expecting anything in return other than going home at night with the satisfaction that he made a difference.

    I am not sure I was a great RQ but I tried to make a difference. I use the examples above to illustrate that the way the QMs is run is down to the frame of mind of those leading it (Cpl F***dust in the clothing store is only applying the policies of his QM/RQ). As someone said (or meant to say) at the start of this thread "get it into their thick heads that the kit is there to be used and not to be sat on the shelf in nice neat rows gathering dust".
  13. How about raising the Rank Ceiling of Storemen within the Corps (RSigs and REME I know about, not sure about others) so that an RQMS is actually an experienced supply specialist, instead of a RD bod getting a tick in the box before his promotion to RSM?

    Another idea would be to actually train them! My last two RQMS's were in post for over 12 months before actually being loaded onto an RQMS course!!!!!
  14. To be honest im trying to think of sensible useful things rather than griping against our clothing store bird (you know the type shuts early for "NAAFI" even though she's eaten her foot long sub 20 minutes ago).
    How about being able to order online and be billed via your wages (say for instance you know a certain unit gets a certain type of torch and even though its 30 quid and a "c" class item you cant demand as some bloke who doesnt go out in the dark on exercise decides you cant have them).
    As for 10 things I dont think I can mate we got our kit for Telic with ease in one door round the hanger out the other sign here it still works.
  15. How about letting the QM be what he is - the wise old man the CO can depend upon to equip his unit to deploy. Why not put RLC in there to be the 'pro loggy' rather than the fat, lame and lazy who end up populating it? The changes in Joint Logs and the systems used would support this and will go against the 'mine - not yours or the systems' mentality. Stop putting amateurs in the Supply Chain and it will work far better for you.