Improving rat packs

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by REMEbrat, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. I do alot of weekend exercises as a cadet instructor and am getting bored of the rat packs we get issued. What can I take to add to the meals to make them taste that little bit better/different?
  2. Wasn't there a thread on this already?

    Or was that just the old and bold giving advice for Ra-Packs from the 80's?
  3. Small bottle of tabasco sauce.
    small tub Curry powder or paste

    Thats about it really. I pick up a few sauce sachets and sweeteners from work and my local Wetherspoons when their not looking. I like sweetened tea, but the dissolved sugar gives me toothache!

    That pepper sauce that has appeared in rat packs recently is pathetic.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Instant mash is a good idea as well as Oxo cubes, (use as a drink or add to the stew)Tube of Engish Mustard,Tabasco & curry paste as well.
  5. I did try using the seach facility but got dozens of pages that mention the words ration and packs but not about how to make the meals any better.

    Cheers for the suggestions so far, any more ideas always welcome! :hungry:
  6. See if you can get hold of the older film cases (I belive they used to be from Kodak?) that everyone used in the days before digital.

    Then all you have to do, is offload various suggestions into the film cases, and then include them in your webbing. Each time you make a meal, you have lots of pots of extra's to add.

    Maybe I was strange, but I was always happy with the packs themselves.
  7. You could try taking some oxo cubes with you, make some gravy, and use it to improve that god awful corned beef.
  8. My latest obsession is Aldi's tomato puree - no added salt and 25p a big tube. I'll tire eventually, but at the minute I'm squirting it into everything.
  9. How dare you, sir. Corned beef hash is the best meal of the lot and a tremendous morale booster. It certainly does not require bastardising with oxo cubes!

    Philistine ;)
  10. Well make the most of it as my sources say it is going to be removed shortly.
  11. What :x
  12. Ok, i'll rephrase. Take some oxo cubes with you, and use it to compliment the wonderful, rich taste of the corned beef.

  13. Can double check on Mon but as far as I recall the recent survey carried out on Op HERRICK as well as the analysis resulting from routine data gathering exercises suggests that Corned Beef Hash was not popular; therefore, it is going to be removed.

    Don't know who has been complaining on the surveys - but it certainly wasn't me - I love the stuff.
  14. Well, I'm outraged!

    As Bravo Zulu said, Corned Bodily Hard is the best meal in the whole menu scheme.
  15. bugger! Looks like i rephrased too soon.