Improving Grip Strength & Forearm Muscle

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by machie, May 6, 2012.

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  1. About a year and a half/two years ago I broke my wrist (cast for six months) and got deffered. My wrist is perfectly fine now but my grip strength is quite weak, I did the jerry can carry when I went away for a week with a preparation course and completed it, but didn't feel very comfortable with it.

    I've been practicing out the garden with jerry cans but just wondering if anyone had any tips on improving grip strength and forearm muscle as I would rather be safe than sorry and improve as much as possible. The weight is not an issue just the actual grip.

    I got pre selection wednesday and ADSC on 14th

  2. Squeeze a tennis ball cheap and it works.
  3. Hehehehe
  4. Seek employment in a gay massage parlour.

    A few weeks of endlessly tugging on old man penis will have improved your grip strength no end.
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  5. Or you can splash out on those squeezy springy items that you keep on squeezing. Do lots of squeezes, do them often, do them all the time, do them to music, do them in front of the telly. Do them to both hands so you can compare them and get a decent balance. Sometimes do the squeezes without a ball or spring quickly for as long as you can. Do them above you head, do them arms outstretched in front of you, do them till you have arms like Popeye. Then one day you'll take a piss and pull your cock off! But your wrists will be sound.
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  6. Thanks, you're speaking from experience I pressume?

  7. thanks!!
  8. Well you seemed very enthusiastic when you tugged me off.

    That makes you gay by the way not me, I had my eyes shut and I was thinking of Kylie.
  9. Carry dumbells as heavy as you can manage when running. Slows you down but does wonders for arm muscles, particularly grip.

    Works for me.
  10. Scrunch up news paper... or indeed daft missives from on high.

    Also, with creativity, broomhandle, nail a bit of paracord or similar to the middle. attach weight to other end. Holding in both hands, turn the handle using a motorcycle reving technique, in order to lift the weight up, then reverse.

    It's what we did when pulling on the Tug of War team.

    carrying weights around works too.
  12. Scrunching of paper rags after a sheet, do this with one only hand at a time.
  13. put the sheet in your hand and squeeze until you have five smaller sheets?
  14. Are you Mexican?