Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RoyalEngineers, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Well, did the 1.5 mile run yesterday, did it in 10.58mins which i'm quite happy with.

    Not the best in the world, but I was within the first 10 in the group, but some of them, I DON'T know HOW they do it :p I think I had a bit of a issue though cause of some phlegm i've had around the chesty region, making me cough it up (excuses, excuses :p)

    Still, almost at the BFT time, so hopefully if I keep at it, eventually it will be at a good level, for me.

    The "winner" was a girl, probably the fitest (athletically wise) I have ever seen, does it for the county etc. and GOD does she run! :p

    Must have done it in like 9 mins, so fella's, watch out!
    Forgot to mention she wanted to be a pilot in the RAF, without knowing a thing about it. Here's me believing that her rival candidates will be aeronautical geeks.
  2. Selection run? 9 mins isn't that fast but fair play to her, not many get that on selection.

    7.50 is my best, but that was a whiel ago now!
  3. Haha.

    Well, she is a female, I bow down to her as no-one else i've seen has ever ran that fast that is female, she leads the pack lol..

    ..but as she said, what takes a female ages can be overtaken by a male in a shorter space of time & excercise.

    I'm hoping to shave atleast a minute off it, my target for selection, fingers crossed.
  4. Time did you get mate? Girls can be just as fit or fitter than the lads.

    More importantly, was she attractive!?
  5. I too timed myself on a 1.5 mile run yesterday and came out with 9:10 which was ok, hope to get it down to 8 mins to 8:30 before I join after GCSEs.
  6. Im pulling 1.5 in 8.02 at the moment. Best ever was 7.21
  7. Welcome to ARRSE MTer ;)
  8. Thats good, 5 minute miles?
  9. I never even got told what I got on my run at ADSC. I passed though for the infantry, there was 2 lads there wanting to join the paras and I beat both of them on the run (made me smile as they banged on about the paras for the whole 2 days)
  10. Try getting some time in before you put your attitude on :x Oh and for the record I went through training years ago with female who ran the 1.5 below the 8min mark constantly. She was around 24/25 and a VT. Only person who could even glimpse her heels was the PTI. Take this as a lesson there are women out there who will wipe the floor with you fitness-wise.
    edited to add: just seen your run time and reckon you should wind your neck in about other people male or female and save all your breath for your running. You need it!
  11. Agreed,
    and lets not forget the beast master general, Dame Kelly
  12. many thanks mr 1MR fellow MTer. ;)
  13. Good to here. Whens your selection date? I went on a mile run today (It's justt for fitness) I got 5.46 which i am proud off. Though i got it down for 6.12. Going to try and get it to the 5 min mark and then go for 1.5 miles.
  14. I aint saying it as if women can't be as fast as men, infact what I was getting at is that she in particular walked all over other females of the group (as did most :oops: ).

    Sorry if you got the wrong end of the stick, i'm not bigging myself up just saying i'm happy in my improvement.

    With my recovering lungs ;)
  15. What was your first ever time?

    jon752 do you do any longer distances? Because to increase your CV fitness efeectivley you have to train at 60-80% of your maximum heart rate (220 - your age). Not saying you don't just wondering. 5.46 is quite good for a mile, get it down to 4 minutes then you can try for the olympics :p