Improvements to ration packs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. If we come up with enough sensible suggestions for ration pack items and changes is there any danger that they might be adopted?

    Some initial suggestions:

    1) Print the Energy / calorific value of each item on the packet.
    2) Get rid of the yeast spread. Nobody likes it and it is of negligible food value. The tin is not a good shape for packing into a pouch either.
    3) A tin of sardines would be a good replacement for the yeast pate. Ring pull. Square shape for packing.
    4) Ordinary pork pate in a pouch of the type used for the tuna mayonnaise. A couple of varieties could be available.
    5) A tea bag. Just one even, Please let me have a proper cup of tea.
    6) Proper powdered milk to go with the tea. again, one sachet would do.
    7) Dextrosol tablets with isotonic salts. An excellent "pick me up"
    8) Sausages made from pork instead of chicken waste. Who ever goes to the butcher and buys chicken sausages ffs?
    9) Rice pudding. (If it's there I haven't seen it yet.)

    If someone has the matrix of all the current menus it would be helpful to post it in here.
  2. why the f##k would you need to know the energy content of the food you are eating?? you're in the field FFS not on a weight lose programme!

    point 7, hot weather rations you do get an equivelant to this, infact i may be wrong but i'm sure i have seen something like this on one of the menus???
  3. Spangles
  4. 1. Who cares
    2. Agreed as long as it's replaced with something else to put on biscuits etc.
    3. No fecking way, urggghhhh :)
    4. Yep ok.
    5. Absolutely yes, real tea all the way, maybe even an Earl Grey Tea bag.
    6. Agreed.
    7. Good idea.
    8. Too right.
    9. As rare as rocking horse shiite.
    10. Please, please more curries/rice. :)

    Just my opinion.
  5. Menu 17 has rice pudding, but it also has the chicken sausage.
    You can please some of the people, none of the time.
  6. The reason for putting the energy content on would be so that you could see which items were most worth eating. A lot of the calories in a rat pack are in things like the boiled sweets rather than, say, the biscuits. I reckon the puddings have more calories than most of the main meals.
  7. 8 ) Won't happen. Pork isn't halal & we wouldn't want to offend the population where we're currently fighting, would we ;)
  8. you're not going to eat a bag of sweets for dinner are you. The meals will be designed to gradually release energy over a period of time, where as sweets are a quick pick me up. Same as puddings, you KNOW not to eat them if you are about to go and do a prolonged attack - major sugar rush followed by massive downer = not good - same as tabbing!

  9. back in the "good 'ol days" you got a tube of sweetened condenced milk instead of the simulated anthrax spores you have to put up with now.
    we had decent rifles back then too, in 7.62mm it was, a real mans riflemans weap blah waffle moan zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............wheres moi slippers.

    some interesting comparisons here >
  10. You get PG tips in them now. :D

    Get rid of herb pate and mushroom pate and get beef instead. :D

    Get rid of that congealed crap and get proper custard back. :evil:
  11. Quite agree.

    It is in the pack, fcuking eat it. You'll get plonkers going down because 1200 calories in one pouch seemed like too much!!!

    Still remember some loser in training saying "heart attack in a mess tin" whilst pointing to their full Anglais. Me? I'd just launched down my throat, ready for beasting that was to commence on the ranges.... that loser picked out the baked beans and gave the rest away :roll:

    The new hot weather packs are good.
  12. That wikki is quuite good.

    I do like the line:-

    "The UK provides the rather substantial Operational Ration Pack, General Purpose."

  13. I almost cried when I opened one of the latest packs and tucked into that custard, it's more like f*cking jelly than custard.
  14. agreed, its fookin hideous and luminous yellow!
  15. Weren't some medic types getting a bit worried about malnutrition in lads living on ORP for 6 months last year..?