Improvement of the UK will begin shortly

I'll be flying in within a week or so.

House prices dropping already in the area..... :wink:

Liz, Phil and the dogs meeting you at the airport are they?? as its a state visit :lol:
I heard that Scottish & Newcastle were increasing production for a "mysterious" guest who will be arriving soon!

Apparently Special brew isn't strong enough for said guest so a special Brain rot will be produced at 35% strength-enjoy! 8O
But Bubbles is a Septic - isn't he?

In which case.....

"Scottish & Newcastle are not worried at all by another Septic visiting this country. His tolerance for really watery and tasteless beer will not impact upon anything they produce."
His tolerance for really watery and tasteless beer
I try to avoid the 'normal' beer if I can. I much prefer local microbrews.

Mush - I think you mean the IQ of the UK will go up.
Until we are intoduced properly sir I would be grateful if you could call me by my proper name.

Really you may be a colonial but its no excuse.
My appologies, fungus phallicus.

What? The first post in the NAAFI today?

Anyway, I've arrived.

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