Improved Thermal Gortex (Kosovo issue)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TVEDU_RED, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Whilst serving on Op Oculus (K) in winter 2005 as the Bde Surveillance Platoon we were issued with an amazingly warm and waterproof gortex made in British DPM by Karrimor or Berghaus (i think). It was thermal lined and the trousers had a zip to allow you to put them on over boots.

    We had to hand them back in after the tour and I have never seen them since, does anyone know where I could get hold of a set, they don't appear on sale in any of the surplus stores I've looked at.
  2. Turbo good bit of kit, can't say i've seen any floating about though!
    Made by Karrimor mate! If you find a place post a linky!
  3. Haven't Karrimor gone bust?
  4. You bloody legend! That is the stuff - Karrimor SF Warrior System, expensive at about £300 for a jacket and trouser combo but well worth it!!

    I just phoned them and they are the actual manufacturer and are selling now. I asked about Karrimor going bust and the lady on the phone confirmed it had but has now started trading again and is a different entity to Karrimor SF.

    For those of you interested the details are:

    Police Resources International Ltd.
    1 Fair Oak Court,
    Clyst Honiton,
    Exeter, Devon, UK
    EX5 2BB

    Telephone: +44 (0)1392 444700
    Fax: +44 (0)1392 444825
  5. £300! Please tell me that includes a fleecy layer and not just the oversuit?
    Still, if you're going somewhere cold, then it's cheaper than frostbite.
    One item I saw once that I really really wanted was a BATUS issue parka. I think they had them locally manufactured, but my god they looked warm. Anyone here ever get issued one?
  6. If all that stuff had been available when I were a lad and in, then I would never have had the cash to go on the lash, it would all have gone on that stuff.
    Makes me want to resign just to have the excuse to wear it.
  7. Seen them 2001 very nice ,they were well worth going diffy :twisted:

    never had one myself though boooo :x