Improved Public Support for Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by walter_mitless, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. I ran across this news online today: Defence News (MOD Online)

    "Troops thank the public for morale boosting Christmas mail"
    12 Dec 07

    UK armed forces personnel serving in southern Afghanistan have been overwhelmed by the support from the efforts of the great British public in getting letters, cards and parcels to them before Christmas.

    "Government launches new study to improve public support for Armed Forces"
    13 Dec 07
    The Armed Forces Minister, Bob Ainsworth, announced today, Thursday 13 December 2007, that the Government has commissioned an independent study into how the British public can better express its support and gratitude for the nation's Armed Forces.

  2. What typical Labour obfuscation. The question they should be asking is WHY are the public suddenly feeling they need to get actively involved? It is because we are hearing all the reports of men being sent out without proper clothing and equipment, on ancient aircraft with dangerous fuel leaks and for 6 months at a time, 2 months too long I think.

    The Government should scrap the study and spend the money on better supplies for those in Iraq and Afghanistan over Christmas. Or they could release money to the councils so they can put on decent home coming parties to returning soldiers.

    Instead of all the billions to be wasted on Trident they could give all serving soldiers a 20% pay rise and refit all of the military housing to NHBC standards, they could buy new aircraft carriers and helicopters and proper field kit etc etc. After all, what use is a nuclear deterrent against terrorism? If such a bomb were detonated, everything dies, regardless of policital or religious belief. And nothing can live in the affected areas for years, nuclear decay takes decades at least. So what if someone let off a device - would we really retaliate?

    Our Armed Forces should be rewarded and revered, not used for political pawn shuffling.
  3. Agreed. Round my way I haven't seen or heard much support for our people, but that's nothing unusual for them. Considering ours is a garrison City , a bit disappointing.

    Ever tried asking your local post office, for those BFPO numbers? not a clue....or a care it would seem.
  4. Would we have an option? Try and imagine the scenario if we didn't - we'd be prey to every looney on the planet with fissile material!
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree - but what is our target? Seem to remember a discussion about the dificulty in aiming such a response at a terrorist organisation. Would we go down the line of deciding that a nation sponsered the organisation enough to say it was responsible and therefore was in line to get some?

    If so our natural target are very likely to be our friends the Saudis.... :(
  6. Que Sera Sera :twisted:
  7. Actually to be fair to Leatherhead PO, they were pretty helpful when I sent parcels.

    As for the nuclear winter, radioactive particles can be very small and travel a long way... Enough to bombard Europe (and the French :twisted: ). Radioactive poisoning is one of the worst ways to die, as it stops cells dividing in your body, which is happening all the time - organ cells, skin etc so you die from the inside out. Very painful and very slow in smaller doses, if you survive the initial mushroom blast. Hence - why I can't condone this type of attack especially from us, we're supposed to be the good guys!
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Are you seriously suggesting we give up our Nuclear deterrent? It's not about actually firing it, it's about deterring some one from firing one at us. It's kind of worked for a while don't you know. It aint broke so why try to fix it.
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Somewhat off thread but...
    Nukes arent really intended to be used against terrorists. We maintain a nuclear deterrent to err, deter nation states from using nukes against us and so on.

    No real credible threats at the moment, but;
    North Korea
    Good old Iran (allegedly)
    Pakistan is not the most stable of nations.
    Russia is still there....
  10. I was out in Bracknell forest last week, practicing with one very heavy rucsack for some sponsored walks next year, and bloke I did not even know got talking to me, offered to sponsor me when I said who and what it was for, so there are people out there who care, plenty of people at work support me, though they think I'm slightly crazy

  11. OK, I take all the above points on board but, seriously, we have to find innovative ways of funding the Armed Forces and making sacrifices on some areas for others. Therefore the people on the front line get my vote, this means money to boost morale and equipment to help to save their lives. The most imminent threats are from hidden enemies, no nuclear devices are going to work without killing thousands of innocents and blighting the lives of many for generations or more.

    Personally, I'd like to see the Government listening to the mood of the public and making more efforts to sort out the seemingly smaller issues of proper care and rehabilitation for injured soldiers. Dare I remind you of the Leatherhead Leisure Centre incident (which made my blood boil) where the matter caused such embarassment for the Government that they awarded free access to soldiers and their families. More of this please.

    On the matter of deterrent (sorry, couldn't resist another comment) nuclear bombs are difficult to make with effective detonators, as you have to start the chain reaction. This is not as straightforward as it seems. It is also difficult to get the enriched (and more unstable) Plutonium and store it for any length of time. It is much easier to make conventional bombs or make people into bombs...... I agree that certain countries could be a palpable threat, but these are not the enemies we are fighting here and we should be making the solutions for the imminent problems.

    I will be castigated for saying this, but the future is more likely to be 12 Monkeys than Nuclear Winter. Smallpox (Where are those samples?) would wipe out 80-90% of the population under 45 who are not immunised. At least with diseases, there is always a rough 10% that develop or have immunity, just take rabbits and mixamatosis as an example. Still horrid, but species targetted.
  12. I heard the Head of BFPO on BFBS telling the world not to send parcels to 'A Soldier' in AFG or IRAQ because the system couldn't cope with this and that free parcels to these theatres were for friends and family only...

    Is this contrary to what the Govt wants?
  13. Well I did :D

    Their web site does say "named soldiers only" and "friends and family" but I went momentarily deaf when I entered the PO.... No, I'm resisting that one.

    I've got another to send this week and I'm taking great pleasure then, in annoying the Government. Put it this way, noone said I couldn't. So I am.
  14. what he said.

    On the issue of supporting our troops I'm glad to see the British public is making more of an effort. Living in Canada the last few years, it's a different mindset here and Canadian troops are held in high regard even by those who don't support the mission in Afghanistan. It's fairly common to see Canadian service personnel in uniform in public places and they're often greeted and thanked for their service. My cousin who's currently deployed with 2 Yorks in Helmand, told me the few times he was in public in uniform, most people just gawked at him or they looked uncomfortable in his presence.
  15. I suppose its because armed forces personnel have not really worn their uniform in public in general for so long that people are not used to it, I get it all the time I visit Sandhurst and Aldershot Tesco's on a weekly basis for work and see them all the time, they come into North Bracknell store as well on occasions so no suprise to me,

    you guys and gals have my support if you want to get out there more in uniform.....