Improve my fitness for phase 1.

Hi i am currently starting phase 1 on the 2nd of March and i can currently run 1.5 miles in around 9:30. I can do around 25 pressups with ease and can do around 8 pull ups. I know i need to improve the press ups and running. Has anybody got any ideas? I currently run 1 day and weights the other.
i was advised by an ex career soldier, and personal trainer, not to focus on running like you did for selection. as in, you'll have to do a lot more then just running, so spending months getting a good 1.5 mile will be ok when you run, but then when you do a swim lesson, you'll suffer like mad.

being good at all aspects of fitness will make it easier then being really good at one, and being crap at the rest of them.

to quote the guy 'you can bet your mortgage they have had recruits turn up who only just scrape the minimums, and even they get trained to being army fit, so prepare well, get a good CV base, and from then on its all in your mind'
I am a very good swimmer and currently do scuba diving on mondays. Though im sure it doesnt count as a major CV exercise i guess it helps. Ive decided to start riding my bike more to help with my CV
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