Improper Treatment of the Union Jack?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AubreyGerrard, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. I took this pic today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway while attending USGP quals. The Columbians and the Brazilians treat their national ensign as if it were a drop cloth of some sort. You Brits OK with your flag used as a cape? I feel it is unsat. Should I have slapped the tart pictured? Your thoughts?

  2. You lucky, lucky b*stard! :)
  3. What the feck were YOU doing taking Photographs?? Tha t there is the flag of UNION which dragged your miserable nation(Pah) together. You septic should have been on your knees thanking god for the BRITS 8) 8) :twisted: :wink:
  4. Although I have a deep respect and admiration for the UK and its citizens, it is not MY country nor MY flag. I know I wouldn't want to see my nation's flag treated in this manner. Just curious as to whether you all felt the same. The South Americans apparently don't care too much about their national flags. :roll:

    Dragged our nation together? Seems to me at one time we had to get rather nasty to boot your arses out! ;)

    And, yes, I am a lucky b* and being near this circuit all my life. Auto racing is in my blood, and the advent of F1 at Indy has been quite a hoot...nothing like it in the world...simply amazing.


  5. Whatever you wish to believe..............ummm Hollywood makes films.not History 8O 8) 8) just so you can let your mates know 8) And Incidently............Britain is pink when you look at the old map's.........
  6. Of course, supported by many British "turncoats", an ex English General and, far more embarrassingly, the french :D

    Forgive the language, but you are a jammy b*stard :D

    As for the Union Flag (It's only a "Jack" when flown from a ship) being used as a "cape", this is quite a common British phenomena, many a Brit you will see dressed like this at proper football, racing, running events etc. Not seen as an insult, more so seen as wishing to definitely identify ourselves as citizens of the flag.

    You'll very rarely find a Brit using the Union Flag as a picnic table cloth or a comfy place to sit on (ala South Americans). Wrapping ourselves in The Flag as per the picture is exactly that, Brits wrapping themselves in a flag that they are fiercely proud of and treat with the utmost respect.

    One thing you will find that Brits and Yanks have in common is an almost fanatical defence of the pretty Red, White and Blue fluttery thing (although, ours is far more imaginative :D )
  7. Re-defination of Pink... the map of the British Empire 70 yrs ago. The US contribution :?: :?: :?: :oops: :roll: 8) :twisted:
  8. I`d like to have seen the birdfrom the front, cos she looks a bit rats from behind :evil: ...mind you, the septic to the right of her in the yellow t shirt is the first fat yank I`ve seen in 2 months out here. Do they just not have fatties in north carolina? :p
    No probs with anybody wrapping themselves in the flag, but I have a major problem with the likes of that hook handed bastard burning it while he lives off us :evil: Would like 20 minutes alone with that one to try to educate him :twisted: :twisted:
  9. I take it you aren't at Cherry Point, then. Lots of them in the PX there. Myrtle Beach is another gathering place - around dusk they all waddle into the restaurants to stuff themselves.

    I liked NC - crabs are very popular there, there's an impressive museum at Kitty Hawk and some stunning coastline. Mind you, driving up to the coast it's posible to drive through some small towns that wouldn't be out of place in Deliverance.