im currently deployed on exercise and using UNICOM, w/d were supposed to set up the UNICOM laptop ready to go, but I need to enter the ffr rate, but I cant remember the fastpath as its been a few years since I changed an FFR.

Any Help would be great

Many Thanks
It used to be under PAYD. If not there try FINOCCS or IMP.

Not bad seing as I haven't touched UNICOM in 2 years.
Thanks for the help, I tried the PAYD, but thats to change the FFR, I get an error when im trying to post occ's onto the account it says it cant find the FFS for the currency.

Many Thanks
Hmmmm, what currency are you using? I thought they all were on there. It could be that there is no FFR 'cause you should be booking everything at GAR. It's been years since I've done UNICOM imprest, and even longer since I did a foreign account. Have you tried Worthy Down?
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