Impressive take-off

The later footage in this clip has been available for a while(see below). I had not seen this clip before.
The, ...launch at 01:08 is bloody impressive!


This older one gives the background, if you are not aware.


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Quite put me off my vindaloo.
Feckme, that took off faster than AIDS in Brixton!
Have to agree with Flash here. Going by all the smoke and flame, plus the instant ignition they are rockets rather than jets. Also, bolt on jet engines would be far to heavy and complicated compared with simple rocket packs.


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Say what you like about the yanks - all the gear and no idea... - but when they have a problem they don't mind throwing money at it to try and find a solution, they don't mind looking well outside the box either and they don't let any health and safety nazis stand in the way of a dangerous idea that might work.


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