Impressive stuff.

Just been sent this by a mate. Its described as a Canadian Medevac flight recovering wounded troops in Afghanisthan. The pilot is a reservist.

It just made me think about the quality of the men and women operating out there and how lucky we are to have such allies. Thought i'd share it. Apologies if its been seen previously.

There may be a Pilot out there who says "Piece of pish mate" but to my inexperienced eyes it looks pretty bloody special.


Actually it's an American helicopter and pilot called Larry Murphy taken in Afghanistan back in 2003. Apparently they were supporting the 10th Mountain Division and they weren't collecting wounded but 'Afghan Persons Under Control' aka. Taliban prisoners. Still some bloody good flying though.
Thanks for the update, i'll tell my mate to stop giving me duff gen.
Even better apparently Murphy is Pennsylvania National Guard (their version of the TA) who's normally an EMS pilot (air ambulance) back home. That might be in part where the erroneous medevac part come from.


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Yep - in actual fact, that particular mountain haunt was featured in a documentary about troops in the Stan. The septics being interviewed were quite laconic. They said that for a lot of the time it's rather quiet and boring, but every now and then the sh1t hits the fan at a zillion MPH and it all gets VERY interesting again.

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