impressive kid!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exnorthener, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. there is hope for young uns yet!!!! i know iits the naafi but feck it

    'Amputate my leg so I can become an athlete' brave 11-year-old girl tells doctors | Mail Online

    A brave schoolgirl has decided to have her leg amputated - because she wants to become a world-class athlete.

    Danielle Bradshaw, 11, does not need to have her useless right leg removed but has chosen to go under the knife in a bid for sporting glory as a Paralympian.

    i liked this comment!!!

    Mum Debbie Quigley, 36, said: 'Danielle suggested it to the doctors. They could have done re-constructive surgery but she said: "What's the point of dragging around something that doesn't work?".'
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Definitely a MILF, shame she allows her offspring to socialise with gingers though.

  3. How do you know? That's her teacher in the picture.

  4. Why was it when i went to school the teachers were all old hags !! she's nay bad ...
  5. Why not both? Have you no ambition?
  6. All three, then! (snorts lewdly)
  7. Kelly Dowse is the teachers name, I would dowse her with my man fat. No wonder the education system is going down the pan, all the kids are perving at the teachers.

  8. Somethings got to keep them in class , cant wait till the day I have kids simply so I can join the P.T.A :D !!
  9. "What's the point of dragging around something that doesn't work?".'

    Thats what us tax payers have been saying about the scrounging dolies for years.

    Yes I would do the teacher / Mum / anything female.
  10. Thought this was about Montys knob
  11. It works very well mate, just can't find any women brave enough to take it. ;)
  13. You like to give them a laugh :D
  14. It's usually just a tired smile.
  15. "What's the point of dragging around something that doesn't work?"
    I said the same thing to my mate the other night when he asked where the wife was.