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Discussion in 'ACF' started by essexbob, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. FFS
    Can we cease the neverending fecking stream of posts/thjreads about commissions, ranks, our status amongst the STABS and ARABs.
    Chaps we are ACF Instructers nothing more nothing less.
    Duty rumour is that after this round of funding the ACF rank structure will be seriously reviewed.
    My guess and only a guess is:
    ranks below 2nd lft will go, we will be collectively known as instructor/senior instructor depending on whether you hold KGV1 or not.
    only Commissioed officers will get paid, they hold an MOD90 and therefore have a contract with the MOD, instructors do not. will be interesting to see how many AI's who are in it for the lads will hand their kit in when the pay cheques stop.

    We should use this forum to discuss the serious issues like:
    Best bars at ACF camps
    Should horrorsacks be banned
    why can't all camps have a bar like tingletangles attached to it
  2. At the end of the day mate. I'm not in it for the money, i earn enough. but for some. taking two weeks off work for no recompense is outrageous. I can see the walls falling in and the wheeels off. esp those AI with families and i can't see the officers getting stuck in to train with the amount of admin/RA to be done etc
  3. Self edited for hijacking a thread. Oh, and spelling like a mong.
  4. if that happens it will create an "Us and Them" mentality, I predict there will be an exodus of staff, some take time off using their holidays some are on unpaid leave, this will be the biggest disaster ever for staffing, the Cadets will feel differently , esp when they have ranks themselves and instructors don't, years of tradition will be washed away, if it works don't try to fix it I say.
    bit like what is happening in the TA now , some have handed their kits in, due to being fu[/i[cked around

    as quoted somewhere "If Changes are not necessary, then it is necessary not to change"
  5. Semper you are 100% Correct! Well said that man
  6. Doing away with ranks doesn't matter to me. I'm a youth leader. Whether I get paid on weekends also doesn't matter, as they are outside normal works hours, but I and I'm sure many like me, don't get paid a king's ransom, therefore, no money at all for doing annual camps would make things too hard financially for me. I don't drink, but any money I get from camp means my family can get things done like keep a car running, make repairs to the house etc. In order to get this stuff done, I'd have to work in my job instead of taking two weeks off.
  7. Mate, thats bovine scatology. There is all kinds of nonsense ideas bounced off the parquet flooring of the Ministry of Waste, most of it goes nowhere. no-one would benefit from cuts in the ACF. The £92 million the entire cadet forces actually cost won't even buy a Eurofighter or a couple of useless merlins or a poxy Nimrod MRA4, so its not likely to happen.
    No pork barrel politics, you see! No jobs bought or secured long term and no marginal MPs seats secured for another term.

    What may happen, and this is only my wild guess, is instead of pay, a bounty or efficiency payment might be proposed for all adult staff who meet certain obligations throughout the year and don't just turn up when pay is authorised. That would send the right message to those (if their are indeed any?) who are in it purely for the money.

    Most of the money goes back to the cadets, or gets spent on kit bought (that incidentally we are scaled for but never receive!)
  8. some may not be able to attend due family and work committments.
    this would also remove the Voluntary aspect of the organisation, attend as you are able to, not when you compelled to, which also mean taking time off from work in many cases, which is the whole idea of pay, to compensate for loss of earnings or potential overtime, we don't get more than 28 days pay anyway, some counties even reduce this to 18 ! so not quite in it for the money. 8O

    personally I think the bounty idea is good one in CONJUNCTION with daily ACF pay, to undertake a test of ability and skill in Star APCs subjects on an annual basis in order to qualify, its should not be compulsory but to get it you have to pass the test, in a similar way to the TA annual bounty and APWT etc

    I somehow don't see that happening, the past few years hasn't seen any massive increase in funding in spite of Gordon Broon's , much trumpeted call for expansion of the Cadet movement, there is no guarantee that the money saved will be reallocated to Cadet activities/equipment and adult equipment, (they will probably waste time and money setting up a committee or a Quango to decide how it should be spent) I feel it may not happen the way we want it either, given the current going ons with regard to MOD funding for the rest of the Armed forces.
  9. Maybe the only way to truly remove the armed force-cadets stigma is to ensure relevant yearly skills passes are a little more will still get the kick the cat theory army kicks-TA-kicks-ACF etc .......but you will never truly get rid of that.
    I have only been with the ACF a short period of time have spent 14 years in the regular army and then TA including the normal op tours of sandpit etc.......
    To be honest the cadet staff thing has in areas become a shock to me both good and bad
    my county has a number of idle lazy fat wasters who are to all purpose a waste of rations
    On the other hand there are staff like myself who put a great deal of time in and come from airborne/ special forces(not walts)/commando and other reg/TA backgrounds and could still quite easily fit in to any active unit
    and thirdly there are the civvies who join who take to it like a duck to water and are truly excellent to work with and a credit to themselves

    The sooner the first set is purged from the ACF by the powers that B then the sooner the other 2 sections of staff can truly raise the profile of the ACF.
  10. You have a point there, Pimp. If you weren't a swinger I'd believe you were good.

    I know the wasters you're on about. Maybe they need to be shown the error of their ways.
  11. mmm, I agree swinger. Thye drag us down. Like you I've only been involved with ACF for a short time but i'm not really overly impressed with the 'quality' of most of the instructors. They seem to fit into your first two examples in the main in my coy. I think things ned to change. how? i don't know.
  12. i have been with the A.C.F since 1989 and have seen most of it, i still think their is too many "instucters" in for the wrong reasons, i.e to wear a uniform, don't get me wrong their is some really great people in the organisation, but still a big handfull of people infor the wrong reasons
  13. i have been with the A.C.F since 1989 and have seen most of it, i still think their is too many "instucters" in for the wrong reasons, i.e to wear a uniform, don't get me wrong their is some really great people in the organisation, but still a big handfull of people infor the wrong reasons
  14. Then how is it that these mongs still thrive in the acf ?
    There is nothing worse than some fat ,unshaven,phys biff in a shiny windproof smock with 3 stripes and possibly a crown wearing no webbing no cam cream and hording the LSW and all it's ammo whilst screaming at 14 and 15 year old cadets to get away and touch the horizon as punnishment for the state of their harbour area .
    As he retreats to his or her minging mini bus /gonk pit to have the pizza leftovers from last night.

    I have seen this behaviour a couple of times and have taken issue with it.I usually find out right embarassement of the individual usually works for me.

    what do you lot think

    and yes I am a swinger do you know me by chance if so PM me...................
  15. They thrive because of a shortage of instructors, especially in the London area. A lot are ex-cadets who still thing they are cadets when it comes to firing the weapons on exercise. Time and again I have to tell so-called instructors that the cadets come first when the weapons and ammo are dished out.

    I find nothing better than embrassing them in front of the cadets by showing up their lack of knowledge.

    I also find that it takes longer for ex regs/TA to get in the organisation due to their previous service records being checked. It is easier for someone from the EU to get in than someone from the British Forces. Wrong or what???