Imposters thread....................

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tigger_c/s_30, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. yes its very clever and shows how smart I am

  2. No its devious and childish I am a real tw*t

  3. I cant help it I am still counting my personalities


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  1. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    As I am getting a little confused 8O thought I would do the decent thing and start this thread for all the imposters around right now, help me out use this thread to make all your plans and future posts ............

    Promise not to look :?
  2. How many "bints" do you think will own up?
  3. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    You think they will lie as well , dam there goes my faith in humanity 8O
  4. Never trust a bint not to lie..........
  5. tigger_c/s_30

    tigger_c/s_30 War Hero

    I have to stop being so trusting 8O
  6. ex-dvr1

    ex-dvr1 LE

    As has been said many times...
  7. No you're not.

    I am.
  8. ™bIondebint™

    ™bIondebint™ Swinger

    No, I'm Sparticus.

    I'm the real one. That other 'bint' is a total imposter. :lol:

    I never lie. :wink: :roll:
  9. Shouldn't you be boiling bunnies for your children's tea?
  10. ™bIondebint™

    ™bIondebint™ Swinger

    They have already eaten thanks, dale. Cheese on toast if you must know. :lol:
    .........It was delicious too. :p :D
  11. Nice touch. Sorry am I repeating myself????
  12. i am the real Civilian ln Green - any resemblance to other users of a similar name either living or (preferably) dead is purely coincidental
  13. ex-dvr1

    ex-dvr1 LE

    I wonder who said that? now are you sparticus or are you blondebint? cos one is a lie!!
  14. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    I am Dirty Sanchez. Sauve, debonair, tall, dark & handsome. I've got loads of dosh, I'm hung like a baboon and go like a sewing machine........Hermoso Diablo's mum will testify to that.

    Dirty Sanchez. Man of the people and humper of Hermoso's mum.
  15. Prove it to me......