Imposters thread....................

is it good or bad to impersanate

  • yes its very clever and shows how smart I am

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  • No its devious and childish I am a real tw*t

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  • I cant help it I am still counting my personalities

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As I am getting a little confused 8O thought I would do the decent thing and start this thread for all the imposters around right now, help me out use this thread to make all your plans and future posts ............

Promise not to look :?
How many "bints" do you think will own up?
tigger_c/s_30 said:
dale_the_snail said:
How many "bints" do you think will own up?
You think they will lie as well , dam there goes my faith in humanity 8O
Never trust a bint not to lie..........
Shouldn't you be boiling bunnies for your children's tea?
™blondebint™ said:
You are a nasty woman who should be banned from this site.

I will be writing, yet again to the CO's complaining about your disgraceful behaviour.
Nice touch. Sorry am I repeating myself????
I am Dirty Sanchez. Sauve, debonair, tall, dark & handsome. I've got loads of dosh, I'm hung like a baboon and go like a sewing machine........Hermoso Diablo's mum will testify to that.

Dirty Sanchez. Man of the people and humper of Hermoso's mum.
Prove it to me......
Sanchez, the poster formally known as Ma_sonic. :lol: :lol:

A fine one to talk about morals and popularity. 8) 8O

Not content with only one user name? :p

Name change because of being a twat?? 8O :lol: :lol:

......Or did you too, get chased off this site for no reason??? :wink: :x :evil:

If the members (probably only four with multiple logins) stopped slagging each other off, this site would become a more welcome place. Take heed. If it fits, wear it!!! 8) 8) :p

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve. Are you totally sad if your posting on here tonight. :( :cry: :x
™bIondebint™ said:
No, sanchez, please continue. I'm sure dale is used to that kind of thing. :D :D :p
I am not that sort of girl.
I actually like bunnies.

And kittens.

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