Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this thread has been raised before however, I heard a rumour that an investigative journalist has gone through phase 1 training and is now in phase 2 training ! Is it bolloc k s or is there some truth to the rumour ?
  2. Crikey youre not shy of starting topics.
  3. Carpets you been doing it for years!!!!!
  4. When they expose the cnut (if its true). They should force the fcuker to finish his 4 or whatever years he signed for !!! Prefrably in one of the most sh1tiest postings available !!! Any ideas guys ???

  5. Make him stay at Blandford.
  6. No, from what I hear they have a good time in the Falklands.
  7. Editor: Perkins, get the new boy in here.
    Perkins: You mean the post boy?
    Editor: Yup, I have an idea.

    Post boy enters the room.

    Editor: How would you like to be a jourolist?
    Post Boy: Fantastic!
    Editor: Sign here...
    Post Boy: What's the story boss?
    Editor: I want you to go under cover and sign up.
    Post Boy: Cool dude, no problem. I've got experiance of being on the dole.
    Editor: Er, no. I mean sign up for the Army.
    Post Boy: The Army! The Jeus Army, but I'm a Jahovis Witness!
    Editor: Don't worry, you will be joining the British Army, the best in whole world! You will be housed, feed, trained to the highest standard. Now you will go under cover get me great stories of how cr@p the housing is, the lack of kit and the bullying.
    Post boy: THE ARMY!!!!
    Editor: Especially the bullying! It work make a great story is you got gang raped by Elite lesbian REME PTI Ninja Special forces!
    Post Boy: But what happens if I get sent to war!
    Editor: We where kind of hoping that would happen.
    Post Boy: Feck Off!
    {Exit Post Boy stag left}

    Editor: congratulations Perkins, your joining the army!
  8. Raddish give us a ring