Importing Vehicles to the UK

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by 06FA56Paderborn, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone any experience of importing a car into the UK, what forms are needed etc.

    I have looked at the DVLA site (and like all government departments it is as clear as mud) but would appreciate any clues from anyone who has actually gone through the procedure, are there any problem areas that I may not beware of, or is it all straight forward?
  2. just go to the BFG office for help, (if your in the Military)
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Failing that, phone the HMRC helpline (it's shoite but persist) and ask to speak to the vehicle unit at Dover. They have all the info that you need to register the car through the VRO, and they'll guide you through the nightmare that is Import VAT. (I'm presuming that you've bought a VAT free/Duty Free car in BFG and may not have the necessary time in to avoid (but not evade) all of the charges.
  4. Next time you go over, the trick is to go through the Red Channel and ask the good folks at HMRC what should be done re vehicle import. By the time it has all been talked through, they will have completely forgotten to ask if you have anything else to declare - so make sure you've filled the boot up beforehand! Or so I am told!!
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    So when UKBA take your "mates" car apart, and hand you/him the bits - there's no requirement to put it back together, much less ensure that it goes, will you be as gung ho?
  6. Speak to HMRC at Dover and they will give the correct answer as believe or not when you come in carry out yr import they will be waiting for you, hence get onside early. Do not believe everthing that the BFG office says, the HMRC are the only office that allow you car to be import not some jumped MTO
  7. Thanks all for your replies, one thing that may trip me up is the lack of a UK address, I am having to use a friends address as I have no address in the UK, anyone have experience of overcoming this problem?

    DVLA say a covering letter from myself explaining the circumstances will suffice, though I am a little wary.

    By the way the car is not ex BFG this time so no need to take advice from jumped up ex MTO's in the BFG Office.
  8. Your UK address must be the one nominate by you as your permanant address, if it is a fishy one the will check, so no PO BOX addresses or one that is miles from where you have come from unless you have a very good reason, my mate in Morocco has done exactly what you have done he used his sisters address hope that helps
  9. I have bought 2 cars from Holland and had no issues at all. The first one a L/Rover Freelander I drove it off the ferry at felixstow, there were no customs people on duty I even tried finding them! so I drove it home parked it on the drive. Two weeks later all the paperwork was done and car was on the road. Same with the other car only I used channel tunnel was'nt stopped drove car home etc. Go to your local DVLA office, they are quiet used to this and were, yes, helpful. The only trouble I had was car's were new and getting insurance from dealership to drive the car to the ports was difficult.
  10. Sorted that for you.