Importing Vehicle from BFG to UK

Having read the various posts regarding the importation of vehicles from BFG to the UK, and looked at the available info on the DVLA website I am quite clear on the process for tax free cars.

What I cannot find out is whether I can tip up at the DVLA to register my tax free car and receive the V5 same day even though i am selling it and buying a used car in the UK.

The DVLA website says that it can take upto 6 weeks but then i know of people who have bought another tax free car and sorted the process in one day.

Grateful for any guidance...

Thanks :)
If I recall correctly, there are only a few places that will give you a reg and docs on the day. Your V5 will still take the same amount of time, but you will get a reg no and the requisite paperwork to move the car on.

I know you used to be able to do it at Maidstone and I think Sidcup too.
Thanks for that... does that meant I should have little problem coming back to the UK, 're-registering' the vehicle in the UK (i know i retain the previous UK plates), then handing it over to a dealer?

Thanks :)
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