Importing mainland europe to improve our "island"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fizzgig, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. We have accepted(ish), the kilo, the metre, the gram and who knows what else from "mainland europe" to bring us into line with the EEC. Would it therefore be an idea to adopt a prison system (Turk, Greek etc) from aforesaid "mainland europe" (where TV, pool tables, X-boxes and more than twenty minutes a day exercise is a luxury) to encourage terrorists or chavvie-drugged-up-pensioner-robbing-snot-nosed-twa&s to think twice before reoffending? Also, within such an environment - should "life" mean "life" on a wing without barriers between offenders of all types such as robbers, murders & paedos' inside? Let the crooks sort out the crooks!! We could (on the outside) perhaps also have the sexual/drug liberty of Amsterdam/Germany or the alcohol understanding of the French. Basically, what legislation could we (as the UK) import from the rest of mainland europe to better or change our own environment and possibly put %75 of politicians and human rights lawyers/protesters out of a job overnight and why? Discuss......
  2. German gun laws for a start!
  3. Perhaps importing a bit of French-style ignorage, for those pesky EU regs we don't like or aren't any use; A return to a common sense governance of abbatoirs/slaughtering would be nice. As Gorilla sez; our gun laws are pump, can we have some proper ones please? Back-chatting law guardians could be rewarded with a playful tickle from the Asp, or an old-school wallop; perhaps a bit of Singaporean influence could work there.
  4. Beer vending machines in your place of work like the Germans have.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why? Gun laws dont stop criminals, punishment is the only deterrent.
    Punishment as in Capital!
  6. wtf :? :?
  7. subcontrac out the prison service to the russians
  8. would have thought German (or any other EU country) gun laws would be better than those we have...
  9. I've always thought that further integration would bring us all the stuff we don't want and none of the stuff we do...
  10. what was kylie minogues first hit?
  11. Yup did a course at Base 10 computing systems in Eching, just outside Munich, the dining area had beer vending machines IIRC it was about 2d's a bottle, but not the strong stuff. They even had some bint come around in the afternoon with a dessert trolley :D The airbus facility at Toulouse allows wine to be drunk at mealtimes but strangely it only applies to the french and germans, the brits are not allowed to have any booze on site. Hows that for nationalist stereotypes :x
  12. I worked in a printing factory in Munich nearly 20 years ago and there were vending machines everywhere which gave you the choice of helles bier, dunkel bier, weiss bier, lemonade or cola. I was on a line with two krauts, Fritz and Hans, AFAIR Hans always a sandwich in his hand and Fritz always had a bottle of beer.

    Amazingly there weren't many accidents while I was there. One bloke lost an eye opening a bale of paper - a metal strap he cut sprung loose - but he was sober 8O

    It might be more usual in factories and other manual work places than in offices.


    it certainly helped the day go by
  13. Maybe its a Bavarian thing along with leather shorts and BMW's :lol:
  14. We had a brotzeitwagen that came around twice a day and sold bread (of course), smelly cheeses and dodgy looking sausages.

    Talking of national stereotypes the beer vending machines at work certainly wouldn't work here in Ireland -> everyone at work drunk ALL the time -> widespread fisticuffs -> collapse of economy, civilization etc
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Depends on your viewpoint, if you are anti gun then the Germans are pushing against FACE for more stringent laws including reclassification of antiques to catch out more. The boxhead laws are pretty strange and if we adopted them on principle it still wouldnt liberalise any of our laws as the EU principle is that national gun laws can be tighter not slacker than EU gun laws.
    The problem with most governments is that instead of punishing law breakers and ensuring that law enforcement is enforcing laws they prefer to create new laws and ban the objects used in the crimes from private ownership. This of course ensures that private leagl owners of such items are persecuted and the criminal carry on as before and when the law enforcers fail to stop nutters from slipping through the net they dont even get censured, more retire early on pension.
    This is great if you are anti gun.
    However as all legal gun owners have to be law abiding and jump through the hoops which seem to vary with the regional whims of different constabularies it is obvously pants as most gunowners never intend to do a Michael Ryan (never a member of a club and obtained his FAC and weapons due to plod departmental neglience) or a Dunblane where Hamiltons application was stridently opposed locally by the gun clubs and the force FEO/FLO but ws passed due to th local Inspector intervening!
    Now no law abiding shooters broke the law, two individuals obtained FACs by the acts of negligence and interference in legal procedures by police officers yet not one of those received any censure!
    The people to suffer apar from the families of victims were the law abiding shooters and the trades and business' associated with this. This is typical Political reactions. :roll: