importing German car back to UK, few questions

Hi im looking at buying a used German car from Germany and i wish to drive it back to the UK and sell it. However i just have a few questions about this since im new to the car business.

If the car was/is MOT tested and taxed in germany, would it be valid in the UK or do i have to get it re-taxed and MOT in the UK?

Do i have to register it with the dvla and get a british number plate?

and is there anything else i need to do?

Also is there any laws involved, which prevent me from selling it so soon after purchase or anything like that, baring in mind its a used car and not a taxfree new car?

many thanks
The DVLA web site explains what the procedures are. If you plan on keeping it in the UK for more than six months during a twelve month period then you will need to register and tax it in the UK. If you are not planning on keeping it in the UK for more than six months you will of course need to have it taxed and registered somewhere, so that would be the country of origin.

I doubt there are any rules on how quickly you can sell it once you have bought it, after all it would be your property and you can do what you want with it. You may have problems trying to sell a left hand drive car in the UK however, unless it is a specialist vehicle or you are selling it cheaply. I suspect that most people would prefer have a right hand drive car given the choice. My sister in law bought a car in Germany which she brought back to the UK when she moved back, but when it came to selling it she had to take it back to Germany as no one in the UK would buy it.
I've just had a look at the links above. A few questions though;

When a soldier returns a tax free car to the UK in order to pick up his new one, this is normally done in a day if I'm right. At which DVLA office? Are number plates given on the same day?

I'm posted from BFG to the UK and am taking my car with me, a 9 year old BMW (left hand drive).

I have car insurance sorted and have got the de-registration paperwork (BFG Form 4003 and BFG Form 414A). Once they are sent off, what is the process? Can I tip up at the DVLA office on a Monday morning with my new MOT certificate and insurance in hand and get my new number plates there and then?

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