importation of "war trophies"


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does anybody know the correct procedure to follow should one wish to import a foreign weapon as a war trophy for display? I know it can be done, but I don't know how....
It's in the AESP for Weapon Proceedures. Can't remember the number off the top of me head. 1000-A-003-013 is ringing a bell. Not sure why though.


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If you're doing this for yourself, talk to the HMRC National Advice Service (0845) 010 9000 (from inside the UK) or +44 208 929 0152 if you're overseas.


Not sure about the official procedure, but what actually happens is that you fill out all of the correct paperwork and follow procedures to apply to bring home a trophy which your unit has rightfully obtained.

Then, someone hidden along the chain tells you that trophies are pooled and allocated on a unit basis, and then voila, you top trophy is suddenly reallocated (presumably to the RMP/HQ type bod whose eye it caught). You get two tatty AK's, they get your gold plated dragonof.

Your unit QM should have the procedures. I've recently returned from TELIC and there was a policy in place that authority would not be granted for war trophies to be taken out of theatre - that said, they still wanted you to apply, presumably so that someone behind a desk in a HQ somewhere could turn your request down!


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There is usually a cut off from when trophies cannot be taken. These in the BFSO and are based on guidance from PJHQ Whitehall ect. I believe the AESP are to prove a weapon system inert and FFE.

The application is via the GJ1 chain rather than the GJ4 chain, although generally the SATO is heavily involved.

This is why one of the last Seafire’s in the word is sat on pallets in SLB, rather than being rebuilt.

I’ll have a look on Monday.

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