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If posted near holland-the Israeli Gyros with Garlic is hard to beat-keeps the pigs away too-yer breath smells like a frenchman's boudoir for a week


You can't eliminate other contenders from the rest of the "Empire"

Egg Burgers from the Choggy man in St Georges barracks Cyprus.

Failing that, the egg on toast, knocked up by the infamous "Rancid Flipflop" in the Holdfast Camp NAAFI, Belize.


gyros definitly easier to eat to !  :p
you don't lose half of it in the road like a donor !!  :eek:
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p
Gyros... Gyros.... Gyros Gyros Gyros Gyros mmmm.... gets my vote. with the tzatziki oooh yep yep, definately.
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p
1) Gyros
2) Chicken kebab
3) Doner
4) Egg Burger
5) Nosh

No.5 could be number one if I skipped the food... mmmmmmmm....
Come and dine at my gaff then ;D

Ill have a gyros while you do the noshing
:DCan't beat both :D

But i always used to wake up with it left on the radiator over night to keep it warm and find a whole roasted chicken under the pillow  :p

HHHMMM left overs )
Gyros definitely!  Place I went to used to wrap it in tinfoil for you to take away and I always, fcuking always, dropped it on the road whilst unwrapping it.

Still ate it though...................

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