Important Query: Can I start work before my Terminal Leave??

Hi to this forum so please treat with care :)

Arranged my gardening leave (after 22 served) so I have a few months to job hunt etc... (dont ask me how I wangled this but its great). Anyway...

I have had a few very good job offers but they all want me to start sooner rather than later. My terminal leave doesnt start until Jan which I believe is the time I can legally take a new wage. But can I start before this? Is there a work around solution? One company has offerred a non-paid work experience post until my term leave??? Is this the only way?

Suggestions or advice warmly welcomed. Thanks forum :)
Congratulations and welcome to the real world, it's fun here.

If you have any outstanding annual leave you are allowed to take paid work with the written permission of your commanding officer, you can't take paid work during resettlement or gardening leave as I understand it. You need to have a serious conversation with your prospective employer though, it is possible that they would be willing to offer you a golden hello after your first month of paid work, perhaps that golden hello would be equal to the amount of time you spent in work placement with them?

The taxman will want his cut obviously but other than that couldn't give a toss about any military regulations.

Hope that helps :wink:
Thanks for your reply. As you were typing I was just reading the same in the JSP.

Quote: "No payment is to be accepted by the SL for work done during a CWA unless he is on Annual/Terminal Leave (when he is deemed not to be on duty)".

So maybe I have to wise up and take my annual leave before my GRT, which will bring the Jan date forwards to Dec. That sounds so much better :)

Getting closer to a resolution. Thanks again for the reply. Much appreciated :)
Just be aware that it's unlikely your tax/ NI will be sorted out until your employer receives your P45 (about a fortnight after you officially leave the Army) You will probably go onto a basic rate which means you pay 20% on everything you earn as a civvy with no tax allowance - because that is eaten up by your Army wage. Unfortunately if you are like me 20% is nowhere near enough tax and immediately after receipt of the P45 all your tax will be deducted in one go ie I have just had my entire wage sucked up in tax and NI. I don't mind as I was expecting it and have been earning a few quid for a while now, my HR phoned up to warn me and offer an advance to cover the loss, they were shocked when I said no - I didn't like to tell them I'd be ok with a £50k gratuity in the bank :wink:
Just do it - I did! Dont tell the unit, if you are on gardening leave how will they know?! Also did not tell new employer, they dont care as long as you can show for work. Just dont go anywhere stuped like AFG though in case you gegt hurt.
Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) is you resettlement time, 22 years = 35 days.
You can put on your MOD Form 363 that your 35 days or any part of, is IRP (Indivudual Resettlement Preperation), if you wish to (Unofficially) work during this period then as you have not put in a 363T it isnt a CWA (civilian work attachment) which would also attract you having to complete a 1746 (indemnity insurance) as the resettlement people wont know what you are doing during this time, but you should as mentioned above speak to your new employer about it for tax reasons, I have known people to have been given a 'golden hello' and also have known others to have declared to the taxman from the start that they are working but have no P45 and have been put on an emergency tax code to cover the period, just dont get nailed by the inland revenue by not declaring your earnings!

But you didnt get that from me right!

I wrangled 2 months gardening leave which I added to my 35 days GRT, 5 days annual leave and 28 days terminal leave, I just took the time off and chilled with my daughter, I was still being paid by the mob, had been in for 23 years and decided I deseved the rest.
I am in a similar predicament with being on resettlement and wanting to start work and thought I might just not tell them. How would they even know?
Does this happen a lot do you think?
Talk to the taxman. They aren't THAT bad.Mind you, i've just had my corporation tax bil through....FCUK!! 8O

Anyway, they'll advise you what to do. You can work, and how you get paid,well, there have been several ideas muted here.At the end of the day, you'll pay the tax on new earnings.BUT, it'll never be more than you are being paid. I know of a few who have not declared, and most have been chased by the taxman. IMHO, it's not worth any risk.

Incidentally, when i left, i couldn't take a wage, so had a very generous travel expenses package "arranged" by my employer. They just weren't convinced that i couldn't take the wage. :D



Ellen said:
I am in a similar predicament with being on resettlement and wanting to start work and thought I might just not tell them. How would they even know?
Does this happen a lot do you think?
Nobody ever does until something happens.

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