IMPORTANT - Potential virus warning


A certain user has received an email, purporting to be from this website, containing the message "Account Details" and an attached file.

The attached file is named "" and is approx 52Kb in size.

If you receive an email like this, please do not open the attached file. The file does not register as a virus with any of the major virus-scanning programs I have tried.

The major problem is that inside the ZIP file is a file named "information.txt". It appears to have the text-file logo. On closer inspection, however, the filename is considerably longer. It has been padded out with spaces to read:

information.txt                                                                                                                                                                                              .exe
therefore this file can "run".

If you do come across this file, please let me (or one of the COs) know ASAP.



Interesting...nothing to report from this callsign. Clever buggers whoever came up with that one....

This email was sent to a "" email address. This does NOT come from this site, it is held by a 3rd party. If you have one of these addresses, watch out in case this file comes your way.

The file has been submitted to the anti-virus laboratorys, so as long as you keep your anti-virus up to date you should be ok, but it is always a good idea NOT to open attachments to emails unless you KNOW the sender can be trusted.

Any problems or questions, feel free to PM.

Dear client,

After analysing the message you sent to PandaLabs, we inform you that a new
malware was detected in it.

A Panda ActiveScan update, shortly available, will successfully detect and
delete this threat from your computer.

The file C:\Desktop\information\information.txt
.exe belongs to the worm W32/Mytob.DW.worm, due to the nature of the file, it
can only be deleted.

The following advice will help you to eliminate the W32/Mytob.DW.worm and
protect yourself against it in future.
Visit our web page with information about the malware:
Follow the instructions on how to eliminate the malware:

If the malware is inside a CAB file, then you must delete this CAB file

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