Despite doing well on Fresco, and having a looming war to look forward to - the Government  (Treasury) is about to F*** us over with our pensions.  Do not believe what you are told about us having reserved pension rights.  They intend to make changes to the tax laws that will have serious affects on YOUR pension.

Read the Green paper that is out concerning this issue - on the internet or on the MOD portal - lots of little things have been slipped in.  I have a source that has revealed some very nasty little issues...  The government has made major errors on their forcasts of public borrowing and are looking to claw back money from wherever they can.

Firstly, they intend to bring in tax laws by 2004 such that no one - including the military - will be able to take your lump sum tax free.  Mine was earmarked to go toewards the mortgage, but now less a hefty tax.

They are also looking at phasing out the intermediate retirement point (38/16) for officers by 2010.  This will mean delaying your pension until 55.  But it gets worse...   They are also looking at removing the 55 pension point and delaying the issue of all pensions until 65.

God only knows what they intend doing with Army NCO pensions as you are 'forced' to leave at age 40 - imagine if you had to do so without the immediate pesnion cushion and you had to wait to collect your reward for all those years of pain until 65!

For those already on pensions, do not think you will get awy scot free... Yes you do have existing rights, but they will also get you via changes to the tax laws - which everyone in the UK must adhere to. By 2010 thay also intend to raising the  index linking of your pension from age 55 up to 65!

The government do not like our immediate pensions at age 40 - they are too expensive and want to save money and raise everyone to a common pension age of 65.  Do not listen to their lies that the Armed services are different because we need to be physically fit etc.  They will take away the only thing that the majority of people in the Services stay in for once they are a littel older.  The RAF currently lose 49% od their officers at their first immediate pension point; I know that many more would leave now if they did not have the carrot of a pension to stay for.

Start doing some digging fells.  When I get some more information from my source, I will be using my civilian family to raise questions with their MP.  I will also write to the senior personnel policy officer in my Service to find out what they are doing.  We do not have contracts and they can make changes to our pensions via the 1956 pension act.  Think about it - even leave is a F***ing privilage and not a right!

  Spread the word - this has been sneaked in via the back door and we cannot allow this to be introduced.  I want to retire in 3 years at age 40 - I don't want to spend my life away on shitty operations away from my family.  However, I do not want to lose my pension - if that was on the cards I would have left 10 years ago.

This is not bitter and cynical diatribe - this is the start of my 'mission' to raise awareness of this issue before it is too late! :mad:

If this is correct (and I'm NOT doubting you), then this needs to be boomed throughout all websites connected to the Forces (PRUNE, etc).   Is NOTHING sacred from Labour?  I can't believe that this Government was elected on the promise to make Britain Great again.   I won't waste my next vote on a bunch of lying bas*ards again.   I'm also dependant on my 'tax free' lump sum at 60.  Maybe Mr Blairwitch and Co should come around to my home.  I'm sure then can get a couple of quid for my TV and car.  They've got everything else, *****rs.  :mad:


Bad CO,

You note that they are consulting until Mar 28th...who are they consulting?  You can bet your bottom dollar (as the Labour Government do with our's frequently!) that they won't be consulting any serving Officers or soldiers.  :mad:

When did you guys say I needed to be on the line of departure for this coup thingy?!  


I get my lump sum in Jan 03, and if Blair and his croneys want the cash back, come and see me, well the missus. She has already spent it!

Seriously folks, I cant believe the back door Labour Bast%$Ds, we give 20 odd years of our lives and get booted out at 40 and they even then try to pump you over! ARE YOU READY THIS HOON!?

And next week I am loking forward to a OHMS letter dropping through the letter box, cunningly inviting me to partake in WWIII, even though they couldn't wait to get my pissed mattress back off me!

Even in the twighlight of my career, the MOD (You can't touch us) seem to get away with murder! HOON YOU TW$T!

I pity you young bloods having to scrum down for the final chukka, whilst us weazy kids have to wait on the sideline with Matron! Give Saddam a good licking! But remember you cant have your pension until youre 65! (Well thats those who survive the jabs, NAPS, BAPS and ebola!) Why do we put up with it? Answers on a email or postcard to www.

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