Important otter news!

I am very surprized that this hasn't been posted here yet!

BBC News - Otters breed in Surrey 'for first time in 40 years'

Otters breed in Surrey 'for first time in 40 years'

Otters may have been born in the wild in Surrey for the first time in more than 40 years.

Surrey Wildlife Trust officer Jim Jones saw a female otter with two fully-grown pups on the banks of the River Wey.

"I was astonished to see three of these elusive creatures right in front of me," he said, adding that it suggested a family group had bred in the area.

The trust said it had been working hard for many years to encourage otters back into the county since the 1960s.

The sighting follows the filming of two young otters in the spring by a local fisherman.

The UK otter population has been slowly recovering after almost dying out in the 1970s, thanks mainly to environmental improvements and legal protection.

However, the animals are still rare in south-east England.

"It is fantastic to have otters back in Surrey," Mr Jones said.


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I think they're up to something. Remember that scene in Beau Geste where they prop the bodies up on the fort walls to make it look like there's more of them? Cunning bugger, your otter.
They only do that so when you're looking at those propped up ones, the live one sneak behind you to nick your wallet!


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Oh its all smiles for the otters. The trout fishermen and the owners of koi carp will be whinging like Whet at an ATOS hearing when they find their fishy friends gone.


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No ******* dead ones though is there?
Mention of dead o*ters is like discussing temporary garden structures or archaic diesel-electric motive systems around here. Pretty soon we will not be able to discuss Jews, Gypsies or airmen with a penchant for giving their family pets amusing names.
In further Otter News... (curtesy of auntie beeb
County Durham otter population making 'natural' recovery

Conservationists say the population of otters in County Durham is making a "natural but slow" recovery.

Durham Wildlife Trust carried out a survey of the species in April to judge current numbers after the population declined between the 1950s and 1980s.

Of the 517 sites surveyed between the rivers Tyne and Tees, 42% were positive for otter signs and another 13 had "possible but inconclusive" signs.

The trust said the findings would provide a base for future surveys.

Otter project officer Vivien Kent said: "Many people will know that between the 1950s and the 1980s otter populations across the country went into severe decline, to the point that the species was in danger of extinction.

"This was caused by the combined effects of pollution and habitat destruction. The decline was so severe that in a national survey of England, carried out between 1977-1979, evidence of otters were only found at 6% of the sites that were surveyed.

"Since this time, otter populations have been making a natural, but slow, recovery and this survey underlines that point."

The trust has been running an otter project since April 2010 to restore habitat and encourage otters back to waterways.

In other news...

Some keen-eyed form members will have spotted the recent article in the Daily Mail online showing otters having a punch up. Naturaly this news wasn't reported here as the first rule of Otter Fight Club is that you don't talk about Otter Fight Club...
no word of a lie,i saw a dead one on a motorway near burnley last year,that said if you lived near burnley you would step in front of a lorry.
Plenty of them on the Calder and the Ribble, **** knows why with filthy Yorkshire pudding heads living upstream and the stench of damp flat hats all around!
I grew up in the area mentioned in the OP, as did my father. As a teenager (70's) I once saw an 'otter' while fishing alone on a trout stream on private land that he had fished for 30 years. When I described the details he concluded that it must have been a mink that had been 'liberated' from a fur farm by tree huggers several years earlier....

For those knocking the county or falling for that "it's all concrete" nonsense; I caught eels, brownies & sea-trout in that stream & even had a Kingfisher land on my rod!:)

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