IMPORTANT - For UK Expats - Passport Renewal Changes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 17, 2011.

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  2. Oh dear. Marooned in Wanchai. The horror.
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  3. Same thing is happening in Germany but it took a grand total of 4 days from when I handed the paperwork in to when the new one turned up at my door.

    I thought that was a very acceptable turn round time.

    Can't see why it takes 4 weeks for a HK one though.
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  4. The chinese intercept them , copy them and then return them. God to keep track of your people.

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  5. How much of a generalised embuggerance is this as opposed to horribly shit for a fairly small number of individuals? Without knowing the mechanics, the point about controlling the supply of blank passports seems fairly reasonable but you'd think it was the sort of thing that deserved a bit wider publication.
  6. Old news for some of us. It's happening in several countries. The Paris hub which printed passports for several European and Middle Eastern countries has transferred printing back to the UK, thus increasing processing time. It's a money making scam to force you into buying the emergency travel document ... Consular time spent helping out drunken stag groups in Prague doesn't come free :)

    British passport backlog in Washington causes expat outcry - Telegraph
  7. I run two British passports and three years ago I renewed one through the consulate in Madrid. Eighteen months ago I applied to have the second renewed at the same consulate. I asked them to hold the new passport in Madrid as I intended to the Mrs pre on a trip there. On arrival at the Madrid consulate (getting in to Fort Knox may have been easier) no new passport was available. I was informed that they needed to see my other passport before a new second could be issued. They had not bothered to inform me of this over the preceding three weeks and the new passport was not ready for collection.

    I did happen to have the other passport with me and handed it over. I pointed out that it had been issued by them a year earlier and that they should have a record of it. I was told it had to be verified.

    I work in pretty remote areas and at that time had just returned from the Ogaden desert in Ethiopia. I was told that a mere photo copy was not sufficient proof of the second passport and that it had to be notarised by a UK consulate if a copy was to be sent with the application for a new passport (this requirement is not made known in any of the application rules).

    The issues here were that:-

    a) I was not informed that proof of the other passport was required and so my application for a new passport was delayed
    b) If I had been at work I could not have had the other passport verified officially by a British government agency and therefore could not have complied with the requirement to show proof that the second passport was actually in my possession.

    I was told to return to the consulate the next day to pick up the new passport - I took the fact that it only took eighteen hours to produce the new passport as an apology!!!

    Holding two passports is allowable and allows business travelers to apply for visas with one passport while holding on to one that has the visa for a place where you may be working or visiting etc.

    Thank you to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for making life as a traveling expat even more interesting.
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  8. Ta for the info.
  9. I always thought you had to leave about four weeks for postal renewals anyway. The advice was don't leave it till the last minute. When I renewed mine through the British Embassy in Helsinki, a few years back, they also said it could take up to four weeks. IIRC, it took just over two. No idea where it was issued though.
  10. Ahem... Not that it helps much, you might want to speak to the Home Office about that; they control passports.
  11. It's because May Ling, the postmistress, has gone into hiding. Her husband Ray Ling the fence, found out that whilst he was in prison she was receiving back door deliveries out of hours from Won Hung Lo the gigolo.
  12. I'm back in the UK for xmas and new year. Appointment already made with the London passport office for the 4 hr service.
  13. And the less said about security surrounding payment for passports by credit card - specifically via Paris, but other central offices may use the same system - the better!
    Not to mention the premium (v.high) rate phone number they insist on using for any Consular/Passport enquiries!
  14. It's all a moneymaking con init.
  15. Been driving Brits Daft in Thailand for some time.