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Important DVLA Notice - Please Read

Notice issued: 12th May 2006

In order to assist other motorists in identifying potentially dangerous drivers, it's now compulsory for anyone with a lower than average IQ and driving ability to display a warning flag.

The flag (comprising of a red cross on a white background) will be attached to the top of at least one door of their vehicle.

For drivers of exceptionally low ability, additional flags are

INF 797/2

Visit the web site at www.dvla.gov.uk
Pot_aussie why dont you hurry up and go down under if you dont like us english being patriotic?
I take it you're clearly an ethnic from one of our colonies like Wales or Jockland then, shame your lot didnt qualify for the biggest competition in world footy eh cos you could've flown yours in support too; if you are english then shame on you.
Who'd be English if you cant even spell the name of a nieghbouring country correctly. I expect you will be flying 4 flags then.
If you're going to be patriotic then do it properly. Flagpole on the lawn and run up the flag. Those awful little tacky things on cars are SO chav.
My old Nan saw all the flags about the place ......burst into a Vera Lynn song whilst attempting a Hokey Pokey and proclaimed "God save the King".

Who says we are not patriotic.!
All them so called "Patriotic" people with the English flags flying for the World cup lost all their patriotic values very rapidly don't you think. As soon as England got knocked out them flags vanished almost instantly. Should you not love your country still, although the English team performed poorly, you're still English. Says it all really.

Gorau Chwarae, Cyd Chwarae.
The Welsh flag is always proudly displayed at my house. Whether we win the 6 nations at rugby, don't qualify for the World Cup at football or have a national hero unbeaten in the boxing ring (Calzaghe). And yes his family are Italian but proud to call Wales home.

So, Patriots of England. Bring it on. And keep them flags hidden away 'til the next time you lose on penalties.

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