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Certainly looks like a very professional website, inpires one with confidence; not... No, I have dealt with them, is it a direct importer? The obvious place for imports (new cars only, why import lemons?) would be the US, the Yen is really strong nowadays so I can't see how you are going to save money with the Sterling where it presently is? The US prices to market and is usually up to 50% cheaper (again, new cars) before shipping, duty and tax than Europe. Isn't that the way to go?

PS: I would not piss on that generation of Discos; they are utter shite.
Most importers are genuine, give an honest description of the vehicles, and are good to deal with.

However, insurance on an imported vehicles is normally very high when compared to the "homegrown" equivalent.
All id say is pop down to thier office if you arent too far away, They give import motors a grade. Say 1 is pristine, 2 had light marks and so on so best to see them in person if its possible you will be spending quite a big wad. Also, for newer cars you wouldnt be saving yourself much (if thats why you want to import) becasue dont forget on top of the price you have import costs, and the car goes over a check when in country. Which can be expensive if things need changing to UK spec as my mate found out. Mostly for emissions etc.

Just my opinion as i saw the problems my mate had (imported a nissan silvia S15)
Not so sure about the insurance angle now, i have a LWB pajero 2.5TD exceed, it cost only £34 pound more to insure than my UK Almera, anyhow there are specialist import insurers Adrian Flux is very reasonable and cost half of the best quote on, but oddly my current insurer Virgin was the cheapest.
They're charging a shedload of money for TDi Discovery's.
Re-imports from Japan are entirely rust free which is what makes them attractive but you will be paying TD5 money and the TD5 is a whole lot better car.
Unless you are one of those people whe erroniously believe the 300TDi is a god amongst engines they aren't a good buy.

A lot of luddites in the Land Rover world believe the TDi was created by god himself and will never be bettered, hence there is a market for rust free TDi Discovery's. Those people are wrong, the TDi was ideal for Defenders but to slow and noisy for Discovery's
The 300TDi Discovery finished production over 12 years ago, six grand is a lot of money for what you are getting. Many of them are auto's which are pants (you'd be better off waiting for a bus)

Shop around and you will get a good TD5 for that sort of money.
And for some reason the Discovery page gives a technical discription of the Discovery 2 TD5, not the TDi.
They evidently don't know much about the vehicles they are selling
Most Jap imports are not undersealed so while rust free when they get here they rust badly after a British winter .
Jagman hits the nail on the head.... buy a UK TD5 if you must buy a discovery... fuel prices are killing the sales of 4x4's so some good prices if you look around.... do you need a proper 4x4 what about a 4x4 estate ?

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